Why does a new bathroom sink and drain with metal pipe make a gurgling sound and drain slowly when it is not clogged and the old sink and drain with PVC pipe did not gurgle and was not slow?

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I'm going to guess the old sink was porcelain or cast iron and the new one is cultured marble? If that's the case, the old one had an over flow hole at the top of the bowl so that is wouldn't over flow. That was the vent for the sink. Cultured marble ones don't so the water is trying to go down against air pressure. If this is the case, it can be fixed or at least helped. Message me back for the details.
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What would cause a sink drain to sound like it is constantly bubbling and gurgling?

When you open a sink drain or flush a toilet, a head of waterenters the waste pipe. Since it fills the pipe, the water pushesair in front of it and creates a vacuum behind. Th

Drain gurgles when toilet is flushed or sink drains?

very simple, your drain that is gurgling is not vented properly. when the toilet is flushed, it is a large amount of water going down the stack at once. that sudden void creat

Why does the toilet gurgle after the sink drains?

There is a blockage in your main sewerline. Odds are you have a problem wth either your vent pipe being to small or not located in the proper position to vent the waste line.

Why does your sink gurgle when you drain the bath?

If for some reason, there is a horizontal section of pipe for this drain/vent, you may have a situation where the pipe allows water to stay in one section like a trap. This wo

Why does your sink gurgle when your washer drains?

This is most likely caused by a lack of venting on either your washing machine drain or sink. The gurgling noise you hear is actually air getting drawn through the water in t