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Why does a woman cheat on her boyfriend who she loves with all of her heart?

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Love is not fair and believe it or not but people can love more than one person.
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If a woman leaves her cheating boyfriend does he stay with the one he cheated with?

  Statistics prove that more than likely he won't. Especially if he is sucessful. Only 3% of successful men surveyed eventually married their lovers, and the divorce rate

Why would a girl cheat on her boyfriend who she loves again after her forgave her?

Simple. He may love her. but she doesn't love him. You can't be in love and cheat on that person. Being in love is also feeling pain for that significant other and would never

Should you confront the woman your boyfriend cheated on you with and if so what do you say?

I don't blame you for wanting some kind of revenge on your boyfriend and this woman, but is showing your hurt and anger to these two publicly going to make you feel better in

What should you do if your boyfriend has cheated on you three times and he has lied and has hurt you a lot but you still love him?

Well girl u need to leave him alone and try to forget about him..... I know it ain't easy cuz i bin there done dat too... I had a boyfriend who I thougt i was just so in love

How do you say i love you with all my heart in hawaiian?

Aloha: Ua papau koʻu na'au i ke aloha o 'oe [oo-ah papow ko oo na ow ee kay aloha o oy] This is literally "my whole heart is involved with the love of you". Aloha au 'ia 'oe

How do you know if your boyfriend loves another woman?

  Great question! You will never really know unless he tells you or you over hear a conversation between him and the alledged other party and he says, "I love you" to her.

Why won't your boyfriend admit that he cheated after you have all the evidence that he did?

  Answer   Your boyfriend won't admit that he cheated because that is admitting fault and that he did something wrong. He also is probably hoping that if he continue

If you think about your boyfriend all the time do you love him?

  No If you are away from him for long periods of time and think about him alot that just shows you care. If you see him all the time and still think about him all the tim

What do you do if your best friend breaks up with her boyfriend after cheating on him with you and now is all over you but still talks about how she loves him?

  Answer   No offense, but your friend has shown you both disrespect by being dishonest with her boyfriend and talking about him to you. She's disrespected herself

If you know your boyfriend really loves you but he cheated and give you and STD what should you do?

Hi Hun, i have been throght this myself! my boyfriend went to ibiza with his mate, cheated on me and gave me an .i stayed with him because i thought it was true love, but it w
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I love my boyfriend but he stopped saying 'i love you' and now sex is like a chore is he cheating on me?

Sounds like your relationship is based on sex and that's not good for you because it makes you feel used. Ask him how he feels about you and the reason why he doesnt say i lov

How do you make a woman lovely all times?

Fall in love with her and she will become "the most beautiful woman  in the universe!". This is absolutely true!!!! (I wish someone had  "warned" me, it was like a lightswit