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Why does a woman cheat on her boyfriend who she loves with all of her heart?

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Some women need attention because they have low self esteem.
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What do you do if you and your boyfriend were in love and you cheated?

You can't have been in love if you could be so cruel as to cheat on him. Seriously, just let him go. No one deserves to be cheated on, I know how it feels and you can never lo

Why is it that you cheated on your boyfriend but you love him?

Well clearly you don't love him enough to keep your hands off of someone else. Don't kid yourself it's not ok, if you can't even control yourself then you may as well end the

What if your boyfriend cheats on you is that love?

[moved from discussion area] If your boyfriend cheats that is not love, its means he doesn't respect you as his girlfriend. If he did he wouldn't ever think of looking at o

What do you do if you love your boyfriend and you are cheating on him?

Try and work through why you are cheating on him if you love him. There has to be something you are not getting from him that is causing you to cheat. Once you figure out wh

Why does a woman cheat on her boyfriend with her ex boyfriend?

I doubt there is a single answer to this. It could be control. It is an amazing way to control the emotions of a man, or perhaps two men. It could be the endorphine respons

What do you do if you really love your boyfriend but he cheats?

Be prepared for heartache and then prepare yourself to move on. You deserve better (than anyone who would cheat on you.)

What do you do if your boyfriend is cheating on you but you love him?

Well even if you do love him he is cheating on you. But make sure, look into evidence suttley and finally start asking his freinds quietly. When you are sure confront him quie
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How do you get your boyfriend to love you only and not cheat?

You likely can't do anything to make your boyfriend change. You can't 'make' a person do something... you don't have control of another person. your BF has to have developed h