Why does everyone listen to Jane in new moon?

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Because she can cause pain
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How old is Jane from new moon?

shes 17 they said it when she was introudoced (major twilight seirs freak love bella) Actually, I think if u read "The Twilight Saga: Complete Illustrated Handbook," u w

What does Jane do in new moon?

Jane is one of the Volturi's "assistants" to Aro, Caius and Marcus. Her power is to make others believe they are in excruciating pain but it isn't real, it is imagined.

What is the name of everyone in new moon?

leah,embry,quil,jacob,sam,bella,edward,carlisle,emment,alice,rosealie,esme,charlie,billy,seth,clearwaters,emily,mike,angela,put more names on if i forgot. =P

What is Janes power in New Moon?

In new moon in the twilight saga Jane's power is the illusion of pain. She can make you think you are feeling pain somewhere in your body when she smiles but it effects your b

Is Jane evil in new moon?

well, YES she's evil because she attacked edward with her powers and also tried to attack Bella but Bella kept herself save by using her shield or something can't remember!

What is the importance of Jane in new moon?

Spoilers * Jane inflicts pain on her victims by using her mind. She's part of the Volturi, so she assists Marcus, Aro and Caius in dealing with vampires/humans who put the