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Why does he want to stay in this relationship when he is financially independent?

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Why would an independent woman with a healthy amount of self-esteem stay in an abusive relationship with a man she does not love?

  Answer     The problem is she does not have a healthy dose of self-esteem. Most of us are chameleons out there and we have to be this way to fit into certain s

Should you stay with your boyfriend knowing he doesn't want to be in a serious relationship and just hope that he'll come around?

  Answer   No. I went through that. It was nothing but heartache and not feeling good enough. If hes not sure, make the decision for him and end it.   Answer 

What should you do when your girlfriend breaks up with you after 3 years of a relationship and tells you that she wants to be single and independent for awhile but that she still loves you?

  Answer   Don't listen. If you've been together in a loving relationship that long, and then she wants to leave you, she never had interest. Don't allow her to "tak

Why do women stay in abusive relationship?

Here are some of the most common reasons. 1. Because they fear what will happen if or when they leave theabusive other. 2. Because they believe that in time that person will

How do you become independent in a relationship?

Answer . Of course two people that are either married or living together need to have respect, honesty and good communication skills. Having independence in a relationship

My ex boyfriend is in a new relationship but he still wants to stay in contact with me and he says he doesn't want to loose me and THAT IAM VERY important to him?

  If he has obviously moved on and you are trying to move on as well it is best to cut ties with him. He cannot be in a new relationship and expect his new girlfriend to b

Why was Ethiopia able to stay independent?

Ethiopia was able to stay independent through the use of modern  artillery and rifles. These weapons are being supplied by its two  allies, Britain and Russia.

What do you want in a relationship?

Trust, emotional support, friendship, good communication and conversation, and occasional passion.

What is the relationship between responsibility and independence?

Responsibility comes when you are independent. A dependent person may never feel responsible for his actions because he as been guided by others whereas an independent person

Indicate the relationship between financial leverage and financial risk?

As the financial leverage increases, the breakeven point of the company increases. The company now has to sell more of its product (or service) in order to break even. As th

What is the relationship between property and financial claims?

Property is something that is owned or that you have legal ownership of whereas a financial claim is an agreement between two parties that specifies the terms of the obligatio

What is the relationship between financial accounting and mathematics?

  Accounting has close relationship with mathematics. The dual aspect concept, which is the basic concept of accounting, is expressed as a mathematical equation, known as

What does it mean when you ask someone if he loves you during a long-term relationship and he says that he's confused and that his heart has changed but he seems to want to stay in the relationship?

It means that he does not have any commitment and that he is not in touch with himself. He should spend some serious private time (if he can and will) and clarify his confused