Why does he want to stay in this relationship when he is financially independent?

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Your going to have to elaborate a little more for some one to answer this question. What do you mean?
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How do you fix an abusive relationship if you want to stay?

Lots and lots of therapy, both individual and couples' therapy. The better way to fix an abusive relationship is to get out and cut your losses now. More than likely, it will

How do you become financially independent?

You can make some money online and become financially independentif you get a good career from going to school like becoming a lawyer ordoctor or you can start your own busin

Why do a person stay in an abusive relationship because of financial need?

It really goes past just finaces..the first thing abusers do is control a person envrioment,ie..stop contact of family,friends.they will make a person feel no self worth..its
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What are the ways to achieve financial independence?

The best ways to achieve financial independence is to only buy the things you really need, keep away from credit cards and loans, and live within your means. Look around for t