Why does someone rub there head and face all the time?

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Dandruff, or they're fiendin' for some crack. Or they're high on meth, and think bugs are crawling under there skin.
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Why do cats rub their heads against your face?

When a cat rubs his face against an object, he is leaving his scent. There's a gland located in the face, that produces this scent. This is to help him know who, and what is h

When someone exaggerates all the time what is he?

He is misleading , and a storyteller (or tale-teller) . If he's compelled to lie, even when the truth would be better, then he may be a pathological liar . And if h

Why dogs rub their neck and face against someone else repeatedly?

Canines have scent glands in their facial area. Sometimes, this can be a display of attempted dominance. Essentially they are putting their scent on you and marking their terr