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Why does the LCD screen go blank within seconds of turning on TV no problem with sound cooling fans still operating?

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Sounds like your projection lamp or ballast may be failing. I really hope you have an extended warranty in force on your TV, as it could get expensive.
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Lcd tv no pic no sound just blue screen Was watching movie picture and sound disappeared nothing but blue screen is there a fix for this?

Most of the new TV's display a blue screen when there's no signal for it to lock on.   Try unplugging it for about 5-10 minutes and see if that clears up the problem. Why?

Which lcd tv brands have a fan?

  Most all do. I can't think of a brand off hand that doesn't. The power supplies and microprocessors can generate quite a bit of heat and need do be cooled. Convection

Does LCD TV screen damage your eyes?

  Well too much of anything can be harmful. If you turned the brightness of the LCD as high as it went and stared at a white flashing screen for some time I'm pretty sur

TV turns on picture is erratic andhas lines going through it and there is no sound you have to turn the tv off and on again to make it right Today the whole screen turned green?

  Hard to say.   If the TV is a Westinghouse I know they had a bunch of TVs that had this problem. It wasn't fixable. You had to unplug the TV from the wall, wait 30 se

What is LCD tv principal of operation?

It's not much different from how your calculator or digital wristwatch works, except there's a light on the back and instead of just one color, you have a fine mesh three diff

Why does your Samsung LCD go blank when turned on?

  Samsung LCD TV, no picture but sound is there. I have more than 100 Samsung LCD TVs, series LA32 and LA40, under my care. So far in the past three years i have this pr

LCD TV sound works but screen is black?

There are several things that can cause a lcd tv to have sound but no picture. If the backlight of the lcd panel comes on momentarily when first turned on, the problem is most

Last month I bought Samsung 3D TV. After few days due to the power problems the TV screen is going blank for some time quite commonly. I am frustrated and wanna change that. Plz Suggest me best 3D TV.?

If power problems are causing failures with a Samsung television, expect them to cause problems with any other make of television. If the television is faulty after only one

Is hot lcd tv screen dangerous?

LCD screens do get warm during normal operation mostly because of  the heat given off by the backlights. LED backlit televisions run  cooler than CFL models but they still d