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Why does the United States import oil?

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the united states imports oil cause the united states uses more oil than it produces
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How much United States oil is exported?

  There is no official answer to how much crude oil is being exported that is easy to find online. There is, however, a Forbes article dated July 3rd, 2008, that provides

How many oil refineries are there in the United States?

Contrary to popular belief there are many, spread all over. According to the EIA, 149. However, they are not all dedicated to refining oil into usable gasoline, and 149 still

What does the United States import?

  From the CIA World Factbook : agricultural products 4.9%, industrial supplies 32.9% (crude oil 8.2%), capital goods 30.4% (computers, telecommunications equipment, motor

Why was Cuba important to United States?

Cuba was known as "America's getaway." Before Fidel Castro took over the government, Cuba was really popular for tourism. Cuba also had many items and foods that people from A

Why is the United States capitol important?

.All the state offices are there (or the headquarters are there), the legislation is handled there, etc. It's the same reason Washington DC is important as the capital of the

Why is Cuba important to the United States?

It is 90 miles of the Florida coast and many people in Miami are from Havanna. These things make it important.

United States imports and exports?

Exports-1. Electrical machinery, apparatus and appliances | $70,287 / 2. Road vehicles | 51,703 / 3. Office machines and automatic data processing machines | 45,751 / 4. Trans

Why is the White House important to the united states?

It is the workplace of the U.S. President as well as the home of the President and his/her family, and so is a symbol of the US presidency, which is an extremely important par