Why does the cactus have to live in the desert?

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Cacti are drought resistant - they can survive for weeks or months without water.
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Why can cactus live in the desert?

Cacti can live in the desert because, inside of the cactus there isa water system which stores water into the cactus from the ground.The roots are very long so they go deep in

Why does cactus live in a desert?

Cactus can obtain the required amount of water from the desert ground unlike other plants. Therefore they are able to stay alive in that given ecosystem.

How do camels and cactus live in the deserts?

Camels drink lots of water and then can go without days with it. They feed on the desert grasses and cacti that live in the desert. The cacti and grass can survive, because of

Why can a cactus only live in the desert?

That is not true.. I lived in Mississippi and cactus grew there, even in the woods.We lived in the flat delta where it rained a lot and the groundcould get quite soggy and we

What lives in the desert and eats cactus?

Cacti are natives only to American deserts where they are fed on bydeer, javelina, desert tortoises and some rodents. The main targetis the prickly pear cactus.

How is a cactus adapted living in the desert?

The Cactus' roots are extremely long so that they can suck water up from far away and search for the water. They also have a shallow root system to absorb surface water when t