Why does your Remington woodsmaster 740 jam?

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The 740 is a slide action rifle, so I assume that you operate the action smartly to promote proper function. What is the nature of the jam?
1) Spent cartridge not removed from the chamber - extractor system failure
2) Spent cartridge not tossed out of the rifle - ejector failure
3) Cartridge won't feed into empty chamber - magazine alignment failure.I must add that the Remington model 740 is actually a semi-auto gas feed magazine rifle.I would seriously consider that the rifles gas system(piston,and gas tube could be built up with carbon!)This would require that the rifle be taken apart and the gas system be cleaned,so the rifle may function properly.
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You can't shoot reloads in the 742 or it will jam. My guess is they expand just enough to jam. When I first got mine 18 years ago I had the same problem. Since then I only sho

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