Why does your grand marquis keep blowing the powertrain control module fuse?

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You have a short that is blowing the fuse, it may not be in the module itself but in a wire or sensor that leads to it.
Short to ground, somewhere.
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How do you replace a 1996 Grand Marquis lighting control module?

If you are asking for a 1996 or newer model year, it is located just below the dash on the driver's side above the OBDII port. It is not hard to access. Drop the lower dash pa

What is a powertrain control module?

The pcm is the computer that controls all of the engine functions and sometimes the transmission. In a vehicle, the term drivetrain or powertrain refers to the group of com

What is powertrain control module?

In a vehicle, the term drivetrain or powertrain refers to the group of components that generate power and deliver it to the road surface, water, or air. This includes the engi

Grand marquis blows hazard fuse?

for hazard fuses check all the bulbs in all the turn signals/running lights. Next check for flashers, they are usually located with the relays on the vehicle, and on fords are

Why does a Mercury Grand Marquis blow tail light fuses?

usually a broken wire causing a dead short(grounding out to the cars body on a power wire) remove the rear tail light housings and check to make sure that one of the wires is

How do you replace a 2004 grand marquis lighting control module?

GO to eBay > eBay Motors > place search : For "2004 mercury Grand Marquis Lighting Control Module" , Bunch of listings show up , choose the Lighting Control Module picture tha

Where is light control module in 2005 Grand Marquis?

It is located above the gas pedal ((about 8") under the dash ,3 connectors from engine side plugs into the module ,the module white sticker part number can be read at the back
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How to replace the powertrain control module?

Under the hood. Driver side. On the fire wall there are two bolts attached to it. The actual module is under the dash but you cannot get it out without undoing those bolts und