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America is called the melting pot because there are people from everywhere around the world, they have different cultures, different customs, but when they come to America, they are one, one nation.

Much depends on how one defines "melting pot". If determined by the fact that the USA has had such a large influx of immigrants, who by and large are here for a number of reasons.
For the most part in the past and now, the "culture" of America is not easy to define. With that said, it's clear that various racial & ethnic groups all share many things in common. They attend the US public school systems, attend the numerous colleges and universities, are high tech users whether via cell & smart phones to drinking Coca-Cola. Watch Hollywood productions, receive most of their news from the standard sources, such a TV, Internet, & radio. They are in fact immersed in American culture which is always in a state of flux. Thus, in line with common belief, by any reasonable measure of sharing the American culture, there is a major amount of commonality among the people who have made the USA their home. Whether one wishes to use "melting pot" or some other description, people who live in the United States participate in numerous ways that produce a "commonality". No one "melts" and no one lives in a salad bowel or a mosaic.
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