Why is Madagascar named Madagascar?

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The name Madagascar doesn't come from the local origin rather it was named by European travelers. It was first recorded in the memoirs of 13th-century Venetian explorer Marco Polo as a form of the name Mogadishu, the Somalian port with which Marco Polo had mistakenly taken as Madagascar. On St. Laurence's Day in 1500, Portuguese explorer Diogo Dias landed on the island and christened it Sao Lourenco, but Polo's name was preferred and popularized on Renaissance. It is very hard to find the name Madagascar in the texts of local population.
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How did Madagascar get its name?

Madagascar gets its current name from Marco Polo, the fourteenth-century Italian explorer, who described an African island of untold wealth called Madeigascar in his memoirs. Polo heard about the island second-hand during his travels in Asia. Most scholars believe that he described Mogadishu, the po (MORE)

Where is Madagascar?

Southern Africa, island in the Indian Ocean, east ofMozambique Madagascar is an island off Africa's coast is the fourth largestisland in the world. it has a surface area of 226,444 square miles.it is in the Indian ocean and is separated from Africa by the 500mile wide Mozambique channel. it's in (MORE)

What is Madagascar?

Madagascar is a large island off the eastern coast of southern Africa (in the Indian Ocean). It is known for the many species of animals found there that exist nowhere else in the world.

Why is Madagascar famous?

1) Tropical climate, wildlife, vegetation, and beaches. Paradise, I guess. 2)The movies with the lion, zebra, hippo, and giraffe. 3)For people who play internet games, the Pandemic games, developed by Dark Realm Studios, are infamous for pissing everyone off by never allowing Madagascar to become (MORE)

What are facts of Madagascar?

Full name: Republic of Madagascar Population: 19.6 million (via UN, 2009) . Capital: Antananarivo Area: 587,041 sq km (226,658 sq miles) Government: Multiparty republic. Religion: traditional, Christian, and Islamic Madagascars full name is the Republic of Madagascar, the former name was (MORE)

What are the landforms of Madagascar?

The Ambositra Mountain is one of the landforms in the northern partof Madagascar. Other landforms include Lake Alaotra and AnkaranaNational Park with caves, canyons, plateaus, and rain forests.

What do Madagascar have?

Madagascar has [*] little lemurs, birds, insects, etc. [*] 587.051 km2 (being the 4th largest island in the world), with several groups of people (a 20-million mixture of several Austronesian tribes´descendants, natives [Africans], Arab descendants, Indians, Chinese, Europeans [formerly many of (MORE)

What is the lions name in Madagascar?

In the animated "Madagascar" films, the lion's name is Alex. He hasbeen voiced by Ben Stiller in all three of the "Madagascar" filmsand is slatted to return again with the fourth installment of theseries currently scheduled to be released in June of 2018.

What is the name of the animals in Madagascar escape 2 Africa?

there is a: . diki diki (small yellow things) . lion (everyone knows what that is!) . hippo (come on! how stupid do people get?) . girraffe (i am silienced) . zebra (don't make me explain!) . fish (my god!) . bird (please! no!) . lots of insects (you know? the buzzing things?) . and a few (MORE)

What are the names of mountain ranges in Madagascar?

There are three mountain ranges, including Massif du Tsaratanana in the north which has the country's highest point of 9436 ft., Maromokofro peak. In the center of the island, there is a large cluster of now extinct volcanoes called Ankaratra. There is a smaller range, the Andringitra range, in the (MORE)

What is the other name of the Madagascar?

The Republic of Madagascar was formerly known as the Malagasy Republic. Madagascar is an island nation in the Indian Ocean off of the southeastern coast of Africa. Madagascar's main island is the fourth largest island in the world.

What are the name of the Islands northeast of Madagascar?

The Mascarene Islands (or Mascarenhas Archipelago ) is a group of islands in the Indian Ocean east of Madagascar comprising Mauritius, Réunion, Rodrigues, Cargados Carajos shoals, plus the former islands of the Saya de Malha, Nazareth and Soudan banks.

What is the name of the mountains in Madagascar?

Maromokotro is the highest mountain on Madagascar at 2,876 m (9,436 feet) high. It is located in the Tsaratanana Massif in the northern part of the island Ambositra is a mountain in northern Madagascar south of Antsiranana. It's elevation is 1,475 m (4,838 ft) above sea level. Ankarana Reserve (MORE)

How did the island of Madagascar get its name?

It was first described thus by Marco Polo in his memoirs, although latterly it has been postulated he was referring to Mogadishu. However, Italian renaissance cartographers, knowing no better, attached the name to the island.

What is the name for Madagascar money?

The Madagascan Currency is known as the Malagasy Ariary (MGA). The currency was introduced in 2005 to replace the Malagasy Franc which had been in use since the French colonial period. One Ariary is equivalent to five Iraimbilanja.

What is the character name in the movie Madagascar 2?

Marty, Gloria, Melman, and Alex. Those are the obvious. The Penguins are Kowalski, Private, Skipper, and Rico. There is also the self-proclaimed Lemur King, King Julien, and his royal subjects, Mort and Maurice.

What are the Madagascar 2 characters name?

Madagascar 2: Escape 2 Africa was a sequel from the animated comedyMadagascar. Some of the characters names are Alex the Lion, Martythe Zebra, Gloria the Hippo, and Melman the Giraffe.

How did the island Madagascar get his name?

The island Madagascar got its name by accident. Marco Polo mentioned it in one of his books as the name for the island based on the hearsay account. It was actually a derivative of the name Mogadishu.

How Madagascar get its name?

a man named it that . a girl named it that . some one called madagascar found it and evey one disided to call madagascar after the man who found it

Where did the name Madagascar come from?

It is attributed to Marco Polo, who reported an island called 'Madeigascar' off the coast of Africa. Some thought he referred to Mogadishu (in nearby Somalia) but Italian mapmakers gave the island that name and it stuck.

Does Madagascar have electricity?

Yes, Madagascar have electricity. If you have money, you will be able to have and use all household basic needs in a developed countries such as oven, stove, washing machine, refrigerator, television, vacuum cleaner, computer, fast Internet connection allowing you to use VOIP communications, land li (MORE)

Is Madagascar peaceful?

part of it is. in ths south it is evil and deadly , in the north it is peaceful with sunlight

How is Madagascar governed?

It is a semi-presidential representative democratic multiparty republic, which is where a president is elected and appointed head of state and appoints a prime minister to form a government. Its human rights are protected under the constitution, unlike most countries in Africa, but in 2009 the Uni (MORE)

What is Madagascar religion?

they have 3 tipes of religion the first one is christianic the second one is Islam and the 3rd on is indigenous

Name a musical instrument in Madagascar?

The valiha is the national musical instrument of Madagascar. The valiha is a tube zither from Madagascar made from a species of local bamboo. It is played by plucking the strings, which may be made of metal or (originally) the bamboo skin which is pried up in long strands and propped up by small (MORE)

What are the animals names from the movie Madagascar 3?

Alex the Lion (Ben Stiller / Wally Wahlbert), Gloria the Hippotamus (Jada Pinkett Smith / Bettina Bush), Marty the Zebra (Chris Rock / Phil Lamarr), Melman the Giraffe (David Schwimmer / Stephen Stanton) Skipper the Penguin, Private the Penguin, Kowalski the Penguin & Rico the Penguin (Tom McGrath, (MORE)

What is the seal's name in Madagascar 3?

The seal, which is actually a sea lion, is named Stefano in thefilm Madagascar 3. This film series focuses on the animated livesof animals in the African desert.