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In Malta
Malta is thought to originate from the Latin word for honey, Melita. Malta is very well known for its honey production.
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Where is Malta?

Malta is a Member State of the European Union (EU) ; which is strategically located within the Mediterranean Sea. This strategic position has consistently allowed Malta to eclectically develop as an important International Trading Post. The Malta Freeport is one of the Mediterranean's leading Sea (MORE)

Colleges in Malta?

Depends on what you would like to study .... University tuition in English at the University of Malta.. If you'd like to learn English as a Foreign Language then go to www.skylarkmalta.com

What is Malta?

Malta is an Island, Malta Islands is the largest of the three major islands that constitute the Maltese archipelago and Republic of Malta. Malta is in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea directly south of Italy and north of Libya.

How is it to have a vacation in Malta?

In summer . The Maltese people just love to go out. In summer, they spend a lot of time by the sea, either swimming during the day or holding barbecues on the sandy or rocky beaches in the evening. The sea is so much part of the culture that there are many who own or rent an apartment by the sea (MORE)

What animals are from Malta?

For the most part, Maltese natural environment is a hilly low, open scrubland. There are also some man-made small wooded areas. The animals which live in this environment are small, mainly birds, insects and reptiles. Most of the mammals on the island, like rats, ferrets and hares, as well as som (MORE)

Anything on Malta?

Malta is near the medatarian sea the flag is red and white with a little simbol Maltese people occupations are fishing and are rudly called "wogs"

Where in the world is Malta?

Europe - Mediterranian Sea - South of Sicily (right under it). Find a map with Malta marked that'll surely help.

Jobs in Malta?

Women usually work as secretaries, teachers, cleaners, housewives, beauticians, shopkeepers etc while men do the manual work such as granite, construction, teachers and secretaries as well, managers, shopkeepers, mechanics etc.

What is Malta famous for?

1565 Great Siege, World War I, World War II, its Prehistoric residues and temples, lifestyle, known as the tiny sunny island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, its great talented singers, culture, food etc. Malta was awarded the George Cross for the bravery of it's people during WW2.

Dubai to Malta?

Easy ! with Emirates, 6 hours flight. Daily flight, you have a stop in Lacarna (Cyprus).

How did Malta get its name?

the origin is uncertain, but may have derived from the Greek word Melite meaning Honey. A unique species of bee live on Malta. Another name may be from the Phonecian, Maleth, meaning a Haven

What is the appeal of Malta?

Hot summers, mild winters...beaches...Gozo (AMAZING!)...Blue Lagoon in Comino....very rich history...the list goes on and on

Is Malta in Europe?

Yes, it is a small island in the Southern part of Europe, between Italy and Tunisia.

What are facts about Malta?

Have a look at this page below ... Some cool connections with the island of Malta:- http://www.maltabulb.com/facts_about_malta_wow.html

What are facts on Malta?

The Megalithic Temples in Malta are older than Egypt's pyramids and England's Stonehenge. Malta is thought to be part of the lost city of Atlantis. Malta held the record for the most air raids in WWII. There are at least 360 different Roman Catholic churches and chapels.

Who will sing for Malta?

Destiny Chukunyere of Malta won the 2015 Junior EurovisionSong Contest in Bulgaria with the song "Not My Soul".

What was the Siege of Malta?

The Siege of Malta (also known as the Great Siege of Malta ) took place in 1565 when the Ottoman Empire invaded the island, then held by the Knights Hospitaller (also known as the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta, Knights of Malta, Knights of Rhodes, and Ch (MORE)

Are maltesers from Malta?

No, Maltesers are part of The Mars Group, and their names are devised of 'Malt' [One of the main ingredients] and 'Teasers' [As they say, it teases you]. They are actually mainly made in Australia, hence their old slogan 'Made in Australia... exported to the world'.

Are there snakes in Malta?

Yes there are some snakes here but none of them are poisonous .. This goes to the legend that Maltese have about when Saint Paul came to Malta and a snake bit him and he just shook it off thus removing all the poison from it

When does it snow in Malta?

Snow is almost unheard in Malta. It fell briefly in March 1877,February 1895,January 1905,March 1949and February 1962 always with little or no accumulation on theground. But these are not official accounts & according to theMalta Met Office snow has never been recorded in Malta, with notedaccounts t (MORE)

How was Malta named?

Malta was named from the Greeks calling it Melite, meaning honey-sweet. Because of that it was nicknamed land of honey from the special unique bee honey production. Melite translated in English is Malta.

Why was Malta bombed?

Malta was bombed in WWII, because Germany was bombing them. If you want to know more about the bombing in Wikipedia type in Mosta Dome Bomb, which is the place Malta got bombed in WWII.

How does Malta relax?

The answer is we don't. Statistics show that we are the no 1 most stressed out country! Check out the level of education in Malta and the job industry and you'll get your answer.

Why no seagulls in Malta?

There are seagulls in Malta at the start of migration, but by the end Maltese hunters will have killed an estimated 2 million birds and the gulls are the easiest to kill.

What do children do in Malta?

We live a normal life just like anyone else. We study hard to achieve our goals, hang out with our friends, have a good time etc!

What is there to do in Malta?

Malta is a nice island country in the Mediterranean. Its very good destination for Tourism. Malta is member of the European Union. Good hotels with sea resorts are there. Local people are co-operative and useful. Most of them engaged to Tourism sector speak English.

Where on map is Malta?

Malta is located in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, south of Italy and north of Africa

What good did the Knights of Malta do to Malta?

The knights fortified and enhanced their new domain and made the Italian language an official one. Because of the ongoing Crusade , the Knights' main task was to provide medical assistance . They built numerous hospitals and their eight-pointed cross, is still used as a symbol by many first aid or (MORE)

What did the Knights of Malta do to Malta?

There are many things but amongst the most important we can see that they fortified it in order to protect it from the Turkish raiders. Examples may be seen in the fortifications of Valletta or Mdina and also the many shoreline defenses such as small towers,redoubts and batteries...

What did the knights of Malta improve to Malta?

Knights of St. John or Knights of Malta as they are also called they stayed in Malta for over 200 years and basically developed the health care by building numerous hospitals, improved the education in Malta and built entire Valletta. They did a lot of work in Malta and there is a lot to learn about (MORE)

How can you get to Malta?

It depends where you are coming from. By plane you can fly in to Malta International Airport from most European airports, airlines include; Air Malta, Lufthansa, Ryanair etc. You can also get in by catamaran from Sicily.

What did England get from Malta?

The English took over Malta because it was during those times that the the Suez canal opened up. Since they also were ruling India, and the Suez canal was needed they could use Malta as a resting point, to refuel and get supplies.

What jobs are in Malta?

Malta lives of its tourism so there are a lot of jobs related to that. Over the past years a lot of jobs were avaliable in foreign betting companies opening in Malta as Malta is one of the few countried granting licenses for gambling operators. Then you have all the other jobs you would find in any (MORE)

Is there mountains in Malta?

I Wish There Was But No There Is No Mountains And We Dont Have Any Snow Because We Dont Have Any Mountains :( But If You Visit It Is A Very Nice And Relaxing And Peace full Island ! :)) xx

How do you get to Malta?

It depends from where you came from. Malta is in the middle of the Mediterranean sea and it is found a bit away from the equator.

Universities in Malta?

Malta, officially the Republic of Malta, is a Southern Europeanisland country comprising an archipelago of a few islands in theMediterranean Sea. Visit here bit[dot]ly/1xmDQw3 for list ofUniversities in Malta.

How is Malta?

Malta is an island and it has an inportan history .(The girls arehot.) Malta have many tempils.In the wars the won . If you wantmore go to Malta and you will have fun.....

Are Malta Muslims?

Less than 1% of the population of Malta is Muslim. The majority of people are Christians.

Where is the country Malta?

Malta : Republic of Malta is a southern European island country.its about 80 km south of Italy. 284 km east of Tunisia and 333 Kmof Libya, Valletta is the capital of Malta. and its languages are Maltese andEnglish.