Why is Montana called Montana?

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I am not exactly sure why, but i think it might be called Montana because it is mountainous, like the spanish word Montana meaning mountain.
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What is Montana?

Answer . Montana, called "The Treasure State" was admitted to the union in 1889. It is the 4th largest state in area and the 44th largest in population. Montana is located in the Rocky Mountain and Great Plains regions, bordering Idaho, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota and Canada. Montana has (MORE)

Where is Montana?

The state of Montana is located in the northwest in the U.S.. The city of Montana, Bulgaria is located in northwestern Bulgaria. . Western USA . Western USA

Where in Montana is Hannah Montana?

Hannah Montana is a fictional character from the TV series of the same name, and the film Hannah Montana: The Movie . The character was played by Miley Cyrus, who currently lives in Los Angeles, USA.

Is Hannah Montana from Montana?

No. shes actually from Tennessee. Hannah Montana is just her name. In fact, she never once even performed a concert in her "namesake" state.

What is Montana famous for?

Big Sky, Rocky Mountains, Gold, Coal, Open Plains, 48th state, 4thlargest state is U.S., first state to have the open range. It isfamous for The Big Sky country.

What is the climate in Montana?

Cold,but not as bad as you think . 27 in January and 85 in July . it's cold in the winter, foggy in fall and warm in spring and summer

What is there to do in Montana?

If you are visiting Montana, one of the best things to go and see is Glacier National Park, in northwestern Montana. It is one of the biggest and (in my opinion) most beautiful National Parks we have in the country.

How big is Montana?

Montana is 147,042 sq. miles in area making it the 4th largest state in the US.

Who is Montana?

A Hall of Fame quarterback that won four Super Bowls with the San Francisco 49ers.

Minerals of Montana?

Butte, Montana is known as the "Richest Hill on Earth". It isloaded with minerals including gold, silver, and copper. During theperiod of 1898 to 1906, Butte miners and mine owners fought overthe rights of mining the copper veins.

Is the show called Hannah Montana ending?

Newest, Offical, Confirmed Answer: Miley will be having another 4th season of Hannah Montana (confirmed after the season 3 finale). Titled, "Hannah Montana Forever". This can be the fourth, and final season of Hannah Montana. Some sources say that there will be a fifth, but the truth is unknown. (MORE)

What name did Hannah Montana call her best friends?

this is Hannah one two i call my friends silly lilly so chat with you later if your my nummber one fan txt me and if you do that you get to see me in person and get to see the job bros thanks my nummber is 6318481461

Does Montana extradite?

Yes , to other states within the United States of America; no , to other countries. As in the case of the other 49 states, Montana tends to respect, and cooperate with, the other states on extradition requests. For extradition tends to be requested for the serious, felony charges. But neither Monta (MORE)

What does Hannah Montana were?

she wears sparkly stuff but she picks what 2 wear and and like erm any way i am Hannah montna i actually just wanted 2 answer ppls questions lol and i love them all bye

University of Montana?

The University of Montana is located in Missoula, MT. It has the largest student population in Montana, barely ahead of Montana State.

Who named Montana Montana?

J. M. Ashley Chosen from Latin dictionary by J. M. Ashley. It is a Latinized Spanish word meaning "mountainous."

What was Hannah Montana going to be called?

Hannah Montana was originally about a girl named Zoe Stewart. Her name then changed to Chloe Stewart, which was changed to Miley Stewart after Miley Cyrus got the part. Hannah Montana was changed several times, some of the other names considered were: Anna Cabana, Samantha York and Alexis Texas.

Why is Hanna Montana called miley?

Miley is her real name, both in the series and in real life. In the series she was known as Miley Stewart but both Hannah Montana and Miley Stewart were played by Miley Cyrus.

Why did you make a movie called Hannah Montana?

The Hannah Montana Movie is really good, it is not like a like version of the episodes, it is worth watching!! And has a really good story line!! i like better than the Hannah Montana series, but go watch it make your own opinion!!

Are there kangaroos in Montana?

Kangaroos are native to Australia alone. If there are kangaroos in Montana, they will be wild ones which have escaped from zoos.

Is hanha Montana a?

Is hanha Montana a? She is not an a. Plus this question makes no sense, and you are being plain stupid.

Is Hannah Montana Hannah Montana or not Hannah Montana?

Hannah Montana is a completely fictional character portrayed by Miley Ray Cyrus, and is the alter-ego of the equally fictitious lead character, Miley Stewart, who is also portrayed by Miley Ray Cyrus. Miley Stewart was originally called Chloe Stewart but was renamed by the producers after casting Mi (MORE)

Is Montana in Canada?

No because Montana is right before the Canadian border and also counted as a US. state.

Does Montana have hurricanes?

No, hurricanes can only form over warm ocean water and they weaken quickly when they hit land. Montana is too far inland to get hurricanes. However, other types of storm can still produce hurricane force winds.

Who is Montana isgro?

Montana Isgro is Mikey Fusco's girlfriend, I dunno if they broke up. :\ so yeah, that's who she is.

Who is Zach Montana?

zach montana is a singer for the NEXT BIG THING(N.B.T) on disney channel and he's a wanna be for Justine Beaver.

What will you do as Montana Senator?

I will faithfully execute the Branch of Legislation by Upholding, Defending, and Protecting the Constitution of the United States. so help me Adonai.

Which state was Montana?

Montana became a U.S. state on November 8, 1889. It became the 41ststate admitted to the Union.

What was Helena Montana called in 1860?

it was not called anything until 1864, when prospectors first discovered the last chance placer there and began mining. its original name in 1864 was crab town , named after one of the prospectors: john crab.

What was Montana?

The Territory of Montana existedfrom May 26, 1864 until November 8, 1889, when it was admitted tothe Union as the State of Montana.