Why is Pennsylvania known for Pennsylvania German?

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A lot of Germans settled in Pennsylvania. They are called The Deutsch (pronounced do-ich'). People started saying Dutch instead of do-ich'. it was a more English way of saying Deutsch. The Pennsylvania Dutch are German, not Holland Dutch. Germany had the deutsche mark for their currency before the Euro's.
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Why was Pennsylvania started?

It was started because William Penn thought that the Quakers needed to leave England. So he turned to the king for help. King Charles the 2nd made Penn the proprietor of the large tract of land in North America. it was used as a slave state. later on in 1785 it was used to produce sandwiches by home (MORE)

What was the Colony of Pennsylvania known for?

Pennsylvania Colony made its own paper money to account for the shortage of actual gold and silver. The paper money was called http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Colonial_Scrip . The Colony issued "bills of credit", which were as good as gold or silver coins because of their legal tender status. Since th (MORE)

What is Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania is a state in the United State It is bordered by New York, New Jersey, Ohio, West Virginia and Delaware.

Why was Pennsylvania named Pennsylvania?

a Quaker named William Penn came to America to have his own religion. he got the land because the king had owned William's dead fathers money, so instead of giving William his fathers money he gave him the land in America. since Williams thought that the land was going to filled with forests, Willia (MORE)

What was Pennsylvania founded as?

William Penn founded Pennsylvania to allow the Quakers (a group of religious people that thought that all people should be at peace with each other) to live according to their beliefs.

Does Pennsylvania have mountains?

Yes. The Appalachian Mountains run from lower Maine all the way,diagonally, through Pennsylvania, and through numerous States untilthey end just north of Atlanta, Georgia. In Pennsylvania, and aspart of the Appalachian range is The Allegheny Mountains. At theborder with Maryland in south-central PA, (MORE)

What is Pennsylvania known for?

It is known for being founded by William penn one of king James II friends. Pennsylvania quite famous for its steel industry. But now-a-days the industry itself is on declining course. The phenomenon is applied not only to the steel industry but manufacturing industry as a whole.Anthracite coal, (MORE)

Is the University of Pennsylvania also known as Penn State?

No, Penn Statre refers to the Pennsylvania State University. UPENNis short for University of Pennsylvania. UPENN is an IVY LEAGUEschool. PENN STATE is short for Pennsylvania State University whichis also a good school but not one of the ivies. Yes, it is anamazing place you should deff. go if you ev (MORE)

How was Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania was named after the Quaker William Penn. Penn(William Penn ) sylvania(land) Pennsylvania= Penn's land

Why is pennsylvania named Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvainia is named pennsylvania because William Penn got a charter from king charles and he wanted to name it "Sylvania" meaning "woods" . Then he put his last name in the front and it turned out Pennsylvania. Meaning Penn's Woods,.

What is 'Welcome' in Pennsylvania German?

Wilkom is a Pennsylvania Dutch equivalent of 'Welcome'. Such is the name of the language, because of the geographic range of its occurrence. For example, there are communities in such areas of Pennsylvania as Lancaster County where it has been passed down through generations of Amish families.

What is the Pennsylvania German word for goodbye?

We really don't have a specific word or term for "good-bye" in PAGerman. Instead we have different idioms such as: . Macht's gut-Make's good . Sayn dich schpaydah- see you later . Or you would just use the appropriate greeting/parting for thetime of day . Gute Mariye-Good Morning or Hoosht e (MORE)

What is runt in Pennsylvania German?

You probably are inspired by the movie "Witness", a case where acriminal is referred to by Samuel Lapp, the little boy, as"schtumpig". Rachel Lapp, his mother, tells John Book (HarrisonFord) "On a farm,when a pig is born small like that, it's called schtumpig, a runt" A more generalized phrase is (MORE)

What are the parts of Pennsylvania?

I'm not sure what you are asking but I will offer this information. Eastern Pennsylvania is mostly farmlands in rural areas, or small,medium, and large cities. Cutting diagonally across the state from northeast Pennsylvania(but beginning in Maine) through southwest Pennsylvania are theAppalachian M (MORE)

Where is Pennsylvania?

In the northeastern and Middle Atlantic region of the UnitedStates. It is one of the United States adjacent to New Jersey, New York,Ohio, West Virginia, and Maryland.

Who is the president of Pennsylvania?

The president of Pennsylvania is the president of the United States, Barack Obama . I you meant to ask about the governor of PA, see the related question.

Can there be a tornado in Pennsylvania?

Yes, there can be a tornado in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania averages 17 tornadoes per year. Most of these are in the range of EF0 or EF1, but stronger ones have occured, including one tornado that was rated F5.

What does Pennsylvania not have?

Pennsylvania does not have ocean front properties or an ocean view.Thus, you cannot find a whale in PA---but you'd hear plenty ofwhopper stories about fish caught (or that got away). It has veryfew places that are flat---but it has unending rolling hills andmountains. It also has no deserts--but ple (MORE)

What does the Pennsylvania German word putz mean?

The miniature Christmas village is the English equivalent of the Pennsylvania Dutch word " putz ." Specifically, the Pennsylvania Dutch word originally specified the nativity scene. It derives from the original German verb " putzen ," which in this context means "to decorate." Because of the st (MORE)

What is the Pennsylvania German word 'Fasnacht' in English?

" Doughnut " is an English equivalent of the Pennsylvania Dutch word " Fasnacht ." Specifically, the term refers to a special kind of doughnut. The treat is served the day before the beginning of the forty (40) days of the Christian Lent. That day generally is called Shrove Tuesday throughout Chr (MORE)

What is the Pennsylvania German word 'rivvel' in English?

" Lump " is an English equivalent of the Pennsylvania Dutch word " rivvel ." Specifically, the word has a particularly attractive application in Pennsylvania Dutch cuisine. It is a characteristic of certain soups. For example, the classic chicken rivvel milk rivvel soups have delicious rice-like lo (MORE)

What does the Pennsylvania German phrase 'Schnitz un Knepp' mean?

" Dried apple slices and dumplings " is an English equivalent of the Pennsylvania Dutch phrase " Schnitz un Knepp ." Specifically, the noun " Schnitz " refers to apples that have been sliced and dried. The conjunction " un " means "and." The noun " Knepp " means "dumplings." It is a scrumptio (MORE)

What is the Pennsylvania German word 'Lottwaerrick' in English?

"Apple butter" is an English equivalent of the Pennsylvania Germanword " Lottwaerrick ." Specifically, apple butter traditionally is served with two otherhomemade foods. It is served on top of Pennsylvania Dutch-stylecreamy cottage cheese, Schmierkase . The cottage cheese isserved on top of homema (MORE)

What does the Pennsylvania German word 'Streivlin' mean?

" Plowlines " is an English equivalent of the Pennsylvania Dutch word " Streivlin ." Specifically, the word refers to Pennsylvania Dutch-style "finger food." Coffee cream, eggs, flour, salt and sometimes sugar are mixed, rolled out and cut into strips. The fried treats may or may not be covered w (MORE)

What does the Pennsylvania German word 'Kucha' mean?

" Cake " is an English equivalent of the Pennsylvania Dutch word " Kucha ." Specifically, the word " Kucha " may refer to one cake or to what could have been one cake but is cut or otherwise formed into many smaller, often bite-sized pieces. In terms of the latter, it actually is the plural form (MORE)

What does the Pennsylvania German word 'Booch-waitza' mean?

" Buckwheat " is an English equivalent of the Pennsylvania Dutch word " Booch-waitza ." Specifically, buckwheat or corn may be used in the making of scrapple. Scrapple, sausage, pudding and bologna are foods whose ingredients include the scraps from cutting meat into roast and steak. Buckwheat al (MORE)

What is the Pennsylvania German phrase 'Blotch Kucha' in English?

" Drop cake " is an English equivalent of the PennsylvaniaGerman phrase " Blotch Kucha ." Specifically, the word " Blotch " means "drop." The word" Kucha " means "cake." The name comes from the dropping andthe spreading (with the back of a spoon) of the entire dough on agreased, floured cookie shee (MORE)

What does the Pennsylvania German phrase 'Boova Shenkel' mean?

" Boy's thighs " is a literal English equivalent of the Pennsylvania Dutch phrase " Boova Shenkel ." Specifically, the word " Boova " means "boy's." The word " Shenkel " means "thigh." The phrase actually is one of many names for Pennsylvania Dutch-style potato dumplings.

What does the Pennsylvania German phrase 'Essich Schling' mean?

" Vinegar punch " is an English equivalent of the Pennsylvania Dutch phrase " Essich Schling ." Specifically, the word " Essich " means "vinegar." The word " Schling " means "Punch" in this context. It comes from the German verb " schlingen " for "to swallow." The drink is made with ice water, (MORE)

What is the Pennsylvania German word 'Sultz' in English?

" Souse " is an English equivalent of the Pennsylvania Dutch word " Sultz ." Specifically, the English and the Pennsylvania Dutch words refer to "jellied pig's feet." The souse may be soured with the addition of vinegar or sweetened with the addition of cinnamon and cloves. But the basic recipe c (MORE)

How do you say happy birthday Pennsylvania German?

Pennsylvania Dutch (Deutsch) is German. In German, Happy Birthdayis said, " Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag" To take a stab at the pronunciation . . . "hairts-leek-uhnglueyk-voonch tsoom guh-BURTS-tok" During World War I, the German immigrants in the US were beingpicked on because the (MORE)

How do you say Thank You in Pennsylvania German?

Danke. (Thank you) Danke Sehr (Thank you very much) or Danke Schoen (Thank you beautifully) are also common expressions of thanks. The Pennsylvania Dutch language developed from the Low German of three centuries ago. Both PD and LG have changed since that time, but most German is close enough (MORE)

What is yarp in Pennsylvania German?

There's no word in Pennsylvania German that means 'Yet AnotherRobot Platform' (YARP). If the plain sects start doing computer programming a big waybefore YARP is obsolete, undoubtedly a word will be added to theirlanguage. Just a guess, but I suspect the word they add would be"yarp".

Is Uniontown Pennsylvania in western Pennsylvania?

Uniontown, Pennsylvania is in southwestern Pennsylvania. It is theCounty Seat of Fayette County, Pennsylvania. If starting fromWashington, PA, you can travel old Route 40 East, e.g. The NationalRoad, and be in Uniontown within an hour.