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Why is Presidents' Day celebrated on the third Monday in February?

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While Washington's Birthday is actually on 22 February, the 1968 federal law called the Uniform Monday Holidays Act moved the observance to the 3rd Monday in February -- meaning the observation would never actually land on Washington's Birthday. Interesting, the official holiday at the federal level is still called "Washington's Birthday." "Presidents' Day" is a title given to it by some of the states.
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What US federal holiday is celebrated on the third Monday in February?

President's Day. It used to be that Geo. Washington's birthday and Abe Lincoln's birthday (both in February) were celebrated seperately and both were holidays. Now it's been l

President's day is celebrated on the third monday of February why not February 22?

Washington's Birthday was first declared a federal holiday by an1879 act of Congress. The Uniform Holidays Act, 1968 ,shifted the date of the commemoration of Washington's B

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