Why is Uruguay named Uruguay?

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Uruguay (the country) is named like that because of the name of the river that separates it from Argentina. Uruguay's (the country) full name is "República Oriental del Uruguay" which means "Eastern Republic of the Uruguay", because of its location in respect of the same-called river.
The Uruguay River name comes from the Spanish settlers' interpretation of the word the locals used to designate it. The original name, Urugua'ý, in Guaraní, means "river of the painted birds".
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Where is Uruguay?

Uruguay is a comparatively small country in South America, along the Atlantic coast between Brazil and Argentina. Its capital is Montevideo. The Uruguay River separates it f

What is Uruguay?

Uruguay is a country in South America. It was established in 1825 after declaring independence from Brazil.

Last name in the Uruguay?

the most popular last names in URUGUAY are. 1.GONZALEZ. 2.GARCIA. 3.FERNANDEZ. 4.RODRIGUEZ. 5.MARTINEZ. 6.

Meaning of Uruguay name?

The word Uruguay , coming from the Guarani language, means "river where the painted birds live". The country has its name because of the river that limits it from Argentina (