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Cookies are unhealthy when eaten too often or too many at a time, because they are high in calories without much protein, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates or vitamins.
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What are cookies?

A cookie is a sweet baked good which contains sugar, flour, eggseither butter.There are number of delicious varieties of cookieslike chocolate cookies, butter cookies, gingerbread cookies andmany more.Perfect dessert to celebrate year occasions likevalentine's day, Holidays, Birthday, Thanksgiving d (MORE)

What are unhealthy food and why are they unhealthy?

Unhealthy food like coke, hot chips and burgers are bad for you because they do not keep the body and Brain active and in good working order. Generally, convenient or highly processed food is dangerous to consume. Such food is unhealthy because the companies producing the 'food' places profits befor (MORE)

Where are cookies from?

The earliest cookie-style are thought to date back to 5th century Persia (now Iran), one of the first countries to cultivate sugar (luxurious cakes and pastries in large and small versions were well known in the Persian Empire). According to historians, sugar originated either in the lowlands of Ben (MORE)

What is a cookie?

In computer terminology, a cookie is a "small text file which contains a unique ID tag, placed on your computer by a website". Essentially, it enables a website that you have already visited to recognise you when you return.. For a more detailed explanation, see the link below..

Is smoking unhealthy?

Smoking is unhealthy because it can affect you and the people around you. Smoking is More poisonous than Rattlesnake venom.

Is snoring unhealthy?

Yes, Snoring may lead to serious problem even death, you should aska doctor for the cause and then search for a solution. In case there is no medical problem, you can browse this site thatoffer free honest reviews on all anti-snoring devices eg.chinstraps, Zyppah, Puresleep and much more at fightsno (MORE)

Is running unhealthy?

No, but like any sport, people need to take care to try and minimize the risk of injury. A good diet, proper form when running, good-fitting shoes and plenty of rest can all help runners stay their best.

What is a cookies?

A cookie is a warm, delicios, baked treat that sometimes has chocolate chips in it and is stored in a cookie jar.

What is an unhealthy relationship?

if following things happen, then it is an unhealthy relationship: 1. don't being in touch for many days. 2. secretly seeing other person of opposite sex out of the relationship. 3. not sharing things with eachother. 4. too many lame excuses. 5. less time together. 6. too many misunderstandings. 7. n (MORE)

When is a relationship unhealthy?

When the person ignores you or if there treating you the worst. Examples: CHEATING, Abuse, Bad name calling, anything that makes you uncomfortable and when these might occur or maybe when they feel like they will break up with them Answer The best sign is when you don't feel good about yourse (MORE)

Is teflon unhealthy?

Maybe you should ask a doctor instead of an extremely uneliable website in which questions are answered by kids with nothing better to do than think up hilarious answers to things that may matter to you :).

Are teenagers unhealthy?

It depends on the teenagers: if they eat too much sweets and hardly ever do sports or eat a balanced diet. Most teenagers are healthy, BUT there is a quite high number of unhealthy teenagers. Otherwise, there are more healthy teenagers!

How you get on cookies?

If you have Windows Vista go to the start menu and type in the "Start Search" bar "temp" because your temporary files are your cookies. If you have Windows XP or XD you go to the start menu and go to the "Run" button on there and type in "temp" or "temporary".

What is in a cookie?

A cookie is made from flour, butter, sugar, egg and often flavourings such as vanilla essence or chocolate.

What do cookies do?

their a satisfying treat that you can share with your friends by the way if you want more questions just ask

When will you get a cookie?

The cookies can found on loads of website and you can get them if you are going on those sites, those sites are mainly containing animations or videos or email system or some it.. By Dave

What does unhealthy do to you?

What "unhealthy" choices does to you is make you unhealthy, sometimes you may receive cancer and you can get lots of fat. ;p

Who is cookie?

He is the cookie monster the big blue guy and he likes cookies and is pretty amazing

Are lollies unhealthy?

lollies can be healthy and can be unhealthy because there is heaps of sugar for those who are high in sugar levels then they are unhealthy but for those who are low in sugar then you should eat them every day

Is helium unhealthy?

Helium itself is completely non-toxic. It is only dangerous if youbreathe pure helium without a supply of oxygen.

Is ham unhealthy?

Has a lot of salt. Better for you then hamburger or any red meat. But you are better off eating chicken or turkey.

How unhealthy are milkshakes?

Milkshakes contain a lot of sugar and a lot of fat. The quantities are going to vary greatly by size, what and who makes them and what flavors are added. You can obtain the dietary information on the standard fast food restaurants by visiting their web sites and looking for that page. Then you ca (MORE)

Why is alcohol unhealthy?

Alcohol acts as a sedative on the central nervous system depressing the nerve cells in the brain, dulling, altering.

Why donuts are unhealthy?

They have tons of sugar and are high in sodium ( salt ) which is abad thing. If you have to much of it it can make you larger andunhealthy. Having a doughnut once in a while is fine but not one aweek or every day. I learned from experience. Donuts, cakes, cupcakes, danishes, cookies, and similar ite (MORE)

Why is a cookie a cookie?

Because that is what English-speaking Americans called the little sweet cakes in 1703, what the British call "sweet biscuits." The Southern Atlantic States (chiefly South Carolina) call it a doughnut and the Scottish call it a bun. The word derives from the Dutch word, koekje, meaning "litt (MORE)

Is nutella unhealthy?

Nutella is marketed as a healthy nut spread with skim milk and cocoa. However, The first two ingredients are fat and sugar. When comparing the nutrition information to a chocolate bar they are exactly the same. Nutella has all the fat of peanut butter but none of the protein. However nutella is (MORE)

Is depression unhealthy?

Depression is actually pretty common, and I think the statistic is one in three people will develop it at some point in their lives. Sometimes it's just a natural coping mechanism to the bad things in life, other times it can be linked to the changing of the seasons (SAD) but the condition can be ma (MORE)

Is turkey unhealthy?

yea turkey can be very unhealthy! they have a high cholesterol and is very high in fat. remember too much of a good thing can sometimes be a bad thing! Just take a small or normal amount but remember your turkey is a corpse on your table and probity's had a sad, abusive life :( Poor Turkeys Poor A (MORE)

Is it unhealthy to be a vegan?

A vegan diet is one of the healthiest. ADA's position, published in the July issue of the Journal of the American Dietetic Association , represents the Association's official stance on vegetarian diets: "It is the position of the American Dietetic Association that appropriately planned vegetar (MORE)

Is popcorn unhealthy?

It depends if there is salt or not. There are many different brands of popcorn so some are healthy and some not.

What is unhealthy ecosystem?

well air pollution could be a unhealthy to the ecosystem and so can be wildfires polluting the sea can be one to.

Why is beer unhealthy?

Beer is actually very healthy and good for you. Everything in moderation. The bad effects of beer are the alcohol if overindulged in. Side effects can be anything including liver damage. Also, beer tends to have a high amount of carbs, so it can make you pack on the pounds. But, the ingr (MORE)

Is unhealthy a noun?

No, unhealthy is an adjective, a word that describes a noun. Example sentence: He had an unhealthy appearance , as if he hadn't had a decent meal in a long time. To find out if something is a noun, ask yourself... What is a ? In this case, What is an unhealthy?

Why are bananas unhealthy?

Because they are high in potassium and magnesium and they are recommended for people with diarrhea or high blood pressure, but they are low in calories, fat and sodium. Bananas are also a great source of vitamin B6.

Why are sunbeds unhealthy?

It is like standing next to a star. Sunbeds expose you to ultraviolet radiation and this can ionise your cells and damage them as it passes through your body. This is potentially harmful if too many cells get damaged as they can become cancerous and cause a tumour which can kill you.

Why is it unhealthy to be overweight?

Being overweight can be extremely hard on just about every organ in your body. It causes your heart to pump faster, it also causes you to possibly not get enough (a satisfying breath of air) and also is bad on your liver kidneys and other organs.

Is draft unhealthy?

A draft, in the sense of cold air blowing in through an open door or window, might be unhealthy if it was extremely cold, but in general, it doesn't matter. Breezes are not that dangerous.

How do you know your unhealthy or not?

A simple blood test will do it. Thats what life insurance companies do to determine your life span. They can tell the health of almost every organ in your body with a series of tests on your blood.

How is vegetarianism unhealthy?

As with any diet, if you don't eat a balanced diet, you could endup with vitamin or other nutrient deficiencies, leading to severeillnesses. Some vegetarians eat too much refined food, just likenon-vegetarians. Vegetarians who continue to consume dairy and eggsmay end up consuming just as much chole (MORE)

What is an unhealthy lifestyle?

High amounts of food with high fat or cholestrol high amounts of smoking, this can lead to Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. This is particularly nasty to have, as tar slowly fills up in your lungs/alveoli. As cigarettes also contain carcinogens, they're cancer causing substances. Smoking can (MORE)

What is cookie and what does it do?

Cookie is somethin u eat lolz... but for computers its data u get from the internet for example: you go online and go to face book and u see photos of stuff... the photos r pretty much Data turned into Cookies onto ur computer so when u go back the Photos will load of faster when u go back to it.. (MORE)

Why is bullying unhealthy?

bullying can traumatize the victim but usually if a person is bullying they are upset themselves and take it out on other people. it is unhealthy because it can teach other people bad habits and can ruin someone's life

Are pizzas unhealthy?

It depends on the pizza and how it is made. Pizzas that are verycheesy and greasy are usually less healthy than pizzas made withwhite sauce and lots of vegetables. Homemade pizza is usuallybetter for you than delivery pizza. How healthy or not a pizza isdepends on many different factors.

What makes cookies unhealthy?

Cookies are only unhealthy if they are eaten in excess, or if theyreplace other nutritious food. Cookies should be eaten sparingly asdessert or as rare snacks, because they contain a lot of sugar anda few of the vitamins and minerals that the body requires.

Why is the US unhealthy?

Because they don't have free healthcare. This is because of a conspiracy to cultivate the Master Race to only allow the rich to survive, leaving the poor to die and become food for the aliens who supply mind control technology to oppress the population.

Where is my cookie?

Difficult to say. Maybe your cookie is still in the cookie jar, inthe box or at the supermarket.