Why is family so important?

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Family is your support system. You and your family are supposed to have unconditional love for each other.
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Why is the support of Edward Kennedy and his family so important?

An endorsement by Senator Edward Kennedy is seen as a positive endorsement for any Democrat candidate, for the simple reason that this carries an entire swath of voters who ar

Why is family so important to jewish people?

Firstly, the Torah commands us to have children. And as the Sages put it, "If you do not have progeny, upon what will God's presence dwell? On sticks and stones?" Secondly,

Why is family life so important to Christians?

Family life is important to Christians because it is where love,forgiveness, and respect are taught. A family is grounded by theirbeliefs and values, which makes them strong a

Why is your family so important to you?

Being the third child of seven, I believe that I have quite an extensive amount of knowledge about families and why families are so important. My family is important to me be

Why was the Medici family so important?

The Medici family was a very wealthy family during the 12th and13th centuries. They were part of the patrician class but amassedtheir wealth through banking and commerce. They

Why was family so important to the Native Americans?

Families were and are so important to the American Indian for many of the same reasons they are in any culture. Many natives knew it was important to have their tribes contin

Why are families so important for babies?

Families are so important to babies because they are the baby's foundation. The baby needs a background for guidance and support to become successful in his or life.

In Africa why is family life so important?

Because their family is important to them. If they didn't have their family, what would they have? Most people take family for granted but these people care, and rely on eac
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Why is a family tree so important?

Family trees display basic genealogical information in a semi-graphical form that makes it relatively easy to understand family relationships and lines of descent.
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Why was family so important in Nazi Germany?

Nazi ideology was based on the concept that German people and their culture were better than all other people and cultures. So as part of that, German people needed to make mo