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Why is imputed income deducted from your paycheck?

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i have imputed income taken out of my check because a have a significant other on my insurance can i use this as a tax deduction
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Can an employer deduct tips out of your paycheck legally?

No. Your employer can neither take your tips (or any part of them), nor deduct money from your wages because of the tips you earn. Furthermore, your employer cannot credit you

How much Social Security do they deduct from your paycheck?

The specific amount withheld should be shown on your payment stub or direct deposit receipt, and is labeled FICA. A total of 7.65% of your pre-tax income (6.2% for Social Se

What is imputed income?

  Income that may not be seen as cash, but instead comes in the form of a benefit...sometimes by having another pay an expense...sometimes by having a benefit provided.

What does levy deduction on a paycheck mean?

  Answer     It refers to the garnishment of wages by a creditor for repayment of a debt.   States inact their own garnishment laws, the maximum amount allowed

Does an employee pay Federal Income taxes on imputed income?

On certain (most) types of imputed income...imputed income just being a term for non cash compensation....say a car benefit or over a certain amount of life insurance provided

What deduction is the largest percentage of paycheck deductions?

Probably the OASDI (FICA) (social security and medicare taxes) all mean the same tax. The maximum social security contribution limit is 6621 No limit on the amount of earn

Is imputed benefit income taxable?

Yes, imputed benefit income is subject to federal taxation. It is considered Taxable noncash compensation but is not included in gross pay.

What are the regular taxes and deductions from your monthly paycheck?

Answer . This will depend upon several variables such as the State you live in, the amount of pay and your companies optional elections.\n. \nHere's few items that you can