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Why is it common for newborn babies to get jaundice?

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Jaundice is caused by the body having an excess of bilirubin in the blood, which is produced by the normal breakdown of red blood cells. The baby liver is often immature and still developing and cannot pass the bilirubin out of the body at the rate at which it needs to. Also if the baby is premature it is often more common, and if they are not getting fed often enough to flush out the excess. The excess bilirubin gives the skin a yellow color.
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Can a full-term baby have jaundice?

  My baby sister had jaundice. She was full-term and weighed almost 10 pounds!   A baby can get jaundice anytime after it is born. My daughter was full term and had jau

How do you lower the jaundice in a newborn?

  When a newborn showed signs of jaundice in the hospital, they would put the newborn under an ultraviolet light. Jaundice has something to do with the liver and the enzym

How is jaundice in newborns clinically treated?

jaundiced babies are fitted with eye protection and placed under bright fluorescent lights. The light chemically alters the bilirubin in the blood as it passes through the bab

How is newborn jaundice caused?

fetal hemoglobin is removed from the system and replaced with adult hemoglobin. The resulting bilirubin loads the system and places demands on the liver to clear it. But the l

What about the newborn pre-disposes them to jaundice?

Jaundice is a condition caused by an excess of biliriuben in the blood, which is a normal by-product of red blood cell breakdown. Biliriuben is normally filtered out by the li