Why is it inappropriate to share user names and passwords for unused Webkinz accounts on WikiAnswers?

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WikiAnswers will not provide you with accounts for online games.
Not only is this against the rules on Webkinz, and the account would be banned, but no WikiAnswers members are allowed to give their Webkinz account on WikiAnswers. This is a violation of the Terms of Use for both WikiAnswers and Webkinz, and anyone who commits such a violation leaves their account subject to termination.
You will have to buy your own Webkinz to make an account. It shouldn't be a problem if you really want to play.
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How do you delete user account password?

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Were do you get a user name and a password to use webkinz?

If you dont have a webkinz toy, then to get a webkinz username and password, you have to buy the toy.. Then you go to the webkinz homepage which is webkinz.com and click New

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Passwords can be shared if necessary for a user to access an account if that account owner is unavailable?

Sharing passwords like that is often done. While it's usually against the Terms Of Service (TOS) of the website, in some cases it's morally justified and acceptable.. For e