Why is it more windy at night?

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Does it rain more at night?

Answer . Yes. This is because air is generally cooler at night, and cool air holds less moisture than warm air resulting in rainfall.

Who is windy?

some people o/~ Who's walkin' down the streets of the city o/~ o/~ Smiling at everybody she sees? o/~ o/~ Who's reachin' out to capture a moment? o/~ o/~ Everyone knows it's Windy. o/~

Why are more childbirth at night?

Less labor problems lying down on the job! Kidding aside it makes sense, women are indoors in hospital and on their back, sleeping is normal nightime activity, the line of least resistance, is a natural principle. it is perfectly natural to seek rest when one is health-impaired or sick anyhow, such (MORE)

What is windy?

The term windy refers to the air in the atmosphere moving at highspeeds. You can feel the wind and you can see it moving trees andother objects.

Why does a fire in a fireplace burn more briskly on a windy day?

Fire is the reaction of wood with oxygen to produce carbon dioxide, water, carbon, hydrogen, and energy. More oxygen equals more energy/ more wind equals more fire. Too much wind will blow out the fire because wood needs to be a certain temperature to ignite and excess wind will carry away the hot a (MORE)

Why do you feed a horse more at night?

Horse's are normally feed more at night because they will have moretime to eat it and will not be required to heavy work for at leastten hours. Horse's that are in the stable at night often havebigger feeds at night to keep the quite as it takes them longer toeat. It is also helpful as picky eaters (MORE)

How windy is Antarctica?

Because Antarctica is a "polar" region, there is no precipitation, it has no lakes or rivers and is in fact the driest continent. Average temperatures in the Antarctic interior get down to -60 degrees Celsius during the winter months and -28 degrees Celsius in the warmer months. The coastal temperat (MORE)

Why is the moon more visible at night?

at night there is no other source of light except moon. moon is the only one reflecting a huge amount of light which make it more visible at night than day.

What states is more windy?

The city with the most wind is Dodge City, Kansas with average winds of 13.9mph, followed by Amarillo Texas at 13.5mph, and Rochester Minnesota at 13.1mph.

Why is the moon windy?

The moon is not windy. Wind is air motion and as the moon has no air it can't be windy.

Who is windy miller?

Windy Miller is a character in the British children's TV series Camberwick Green , who lives in a windmill Windy Miller is a character in the British children's TV series Camberwick Green , who lives in a windmill

How do you create more saliva at night?

Saliva is natural, and we never stop making it. When we sleep, it may seem like we are producing extra but really that happens because we are not awake to swallow it like we do in habit. When too much builds up, we drool.

How windy can antarctica get?

Katabatic winds in Antarctica can reach hurricane speeds, driving loose sheets of plywood through building walls. At Davis Station, the speed has been measured up to 200 mph. At several other research stations, the wind blows hard enough to rip anemometers off their moorings.

What can you do to see more stars at night?

Use a telescope or even binoculars but most effectively view the sky from somewhere dark, away from street lights etc.. ________________________________. Go camping in Montana or west Texas. Hike up into the mountains away from any lights. Don't take a tent; just your sleeping bags,

Why is it windy in Antarctica?

The earth spins around its poles, the Southern of which is locatedon Antarctica. As well, the elevation of the South Pole is nearlytwo miles above sea level. The colder air is pulled by gravity tosea level, and this, coupled with the earth's spin, cause theconstant wind in Antarctica.

Is Antarctica windy?

Yes Yes, It is not only windy, it is the windiest continent onEarth! The highest wind speeds recorded in Antarctica were at Dumontd'Urville station in July 1972: 327km/h (199 mph), equal to thestrongest wind gust recorded in the world at Mount Washington, NewHampshire (USA) on April 12, 1934, at 19 (MORE)

Why does my baby kick more of a night?

One reason I learnd is that your sugar level may have dropped at night causing your baby to move. The most rational answer so far that I understood is during at night, when you tend to lay down and rest, your body is not making any movements to craddle your little one thus, this made him awake.

Who is windy windkloppel?

A character in Ellen Raskin's The Westing Game . He later disguises himself as Sandy Mc South ers, Barney North rup, Sam West ing, and Julian R. East wood. The name Windy Windkloppel is used rarely in the book as that version of himself is not one of the most important characters.

Is there more crime at night?

"Crime" is an extremely BROAD category. Any offense committed against the law is technically a "crime" therefore, statistically more crime occurs when more people are awake and available to commit it. However, it can probably safely surmised that more types of VIOLENT crime probably occur between th (MORE)

Is it windy in Hawaii?

some parts are; such as waimea, waikoloa, on the summits of mauna kea and mauna loa, etc. but it is still sometimes windy in kona, hilo (but hilo is very rainy) and other parts, it it isnt as frequent as other places.

Do deer move more at night?

Deer actually move at fairly regular intervals day or night. They may be slightly more active at night, especially during hunting seasons, but are not truly nocturnal so do not as a rule move more at night than during the day. An adult deer will remain in close proximity to food and water, moving on (MORE)

Is there more crime at night in flintshire?

FLINTSHIRE COUNCIL AVERAGE . Population. 150,500. -. Households. 65,000. -. Burglary. 6.1. 8.0. Criminal damage. 15.4. 19.0. Drug offences. 2.3. 4.0. Fraud and forgery. 3.1. 2.0. Offences against vehicles. 6.9. 10.0. Other offences. 0.9. 1.0. Other theft offences. 11. (MORE)

Is it windy in Ireland?

Oh yes, it's very windy here at times, especially on the west, south west and north west coasts

Why do you get more emotional at night?

well, i think because our mind is less occupied at night. mind start wandering in to different dimensions. things we dont pay attention at day time pops up in our head at night i get more emotional at night but most of the time i have no control over it but sometimes i act strong and try to clear my (MORE)

Is it windy in space?

Due to the lack of moving air in space, there isn't as much wind as there is on Earth. However, yes, wind can exist in space. This is specifically Solar Wind, given off by burning stars. The planet Jupiter is believed to be very windy because of a huge hurricane-like storm that has been raging (MORE)

Why do you weigh more at night?

Because you've eaten throughout the day and consumed water or other liquids which adds weight. When you wake in the morning, you haven't had anything in your system for typically 4, 6, 8 hours or more hence you weigh less.

Why can it be at windy at times?

Generally, wind occurs due to temperature differentials between different areas. For example, different areas will absorb the sun's heat differently causing a temperature differential, e.g., the equator is hotter than the north or south pole. The cooler air of the poles sinks and the warmer air at t (MORE)

Why are mosquitoes more active at night?

Not all mosquitoes are active at night. In fact, there are only a few active at night so you don't have to be too precautionary. If you'd like to, spray a light layer of mosquito repellent just to be safe.

When is more humid day or night?

Generally, day time has more humidity. Warm air can hold more moisture than cold air and the daytime is usually warmer than night.

Why do frogs croak more at night?

Because they are more active at night then day time. That mean they sleep during the day and play at night, Frogs don't just croak at night. Normally that is just when you hear them. Only the males croak and they are trying to attract a mate.

Why transpiration is more on windy days?

That is because when the wind blows it carries the humid air with it which is needed by the plant to keep its outer layer moist so the plant transpirates more on windy day.

Which thing is dark more then night?

A Black Hole. Night is darker than day, but there is still artificial light and the light of celestial bodies. However, light cannot escape a black hole in space, so the area occupied by a black hole appears darker than night.

Is windy an adverb?

No, it is not. It is an adjective form of the noun wind. The adverbform ( windily ) is rarely used.

Why is Earth windy?

The rotation of the Earth has some affect. The difference intemperature is the main cause, with cold and warm temperaturesmoving the air about.

What is the noun of windy?

The noun form of the adjective 'windy' is windiness . The word 'windy' is the adjective form of the noun wind .