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Why is it more windy at night?

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Why does the fire in a fireplace burn more briskly on a windy day?

  Updraft   On windy days, the wind passing over the top of the chimney draws more air up the flue. This draws more air from the house into the fireplace, providing m

Who is windy?

some people o/~ Who's walkin' down the streets of the city o/~ o/~ Smiling at everybody she sees? o/~ o/~ Who's reachin' out to capture a moment? o/~ o/~ Everyone know

What is windy?

The term windy refers to the air in the atmosphere moving at high  speeds. You can feel the wind and you can see it moving trees and  other objects.

Why does a fire in a fireplace burn more briskly on a windy day?

Fire is the reaction of wood with oxygen to produce carbon dioxide, water, carbon, hydrogen, and energy. More oxygen equals more energy/ more wind equals more fire. Too much w

What states is more windy?

  The city with the most wind is Dodge City, Kansas with average winds of 13.9mph, followed by Amarillo Texas at 13.5mph, and Rochester Minnesota at 13.1mph.