Why is the marines dress blue pants a lighter color from the jacket?

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Comes from a couple hundred years ago when forces would leave the fort for patrols and take jacket off (when boss wasn't around) -- and they put the jacket in a saddle bag. When they came back to the fort, they would put the jacket back on -- but the pants became slightly faded due to the sun (compared to the unexposed jacket)
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What does the color blue in the Marine Corps dress uniform represent?

Marine Corps Dress Blue . The following is quoted from the site indicated, Marine Corps Uniform Regulations:\n\nhttp://www.tecom.usmc.mil/mcub/library/MCUR/URCH2.htm\nMrV\

Why are the army dress blues pants lighter than the jacket?

Answer . The legend goes like this. US Army dress uniform pants are a lighter blue than the coat because of the days of horseback cavalry, where they would roll their coats

What color is marine corps dress blues?

Blue Dress "A" Midnight Blue coat, with red trim for enlist members (EMs) White belt with gold waitplate for EMs, Midnight Blue for Officers White cover with gold Marine

Why do the Marine Corps Dress Blues have 2 different colors of blue?

well, the first mission of the Marine Corps was delivering mail, yes i know Marines delivering mail. Their uniforms of the time were heavy dress uniforms so we they went to de

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Why do the blue slacks not match the dark blue jacket in the marine dress blues?

The US 1831 uniform regulations designated a light blue uniform including a shell jacket and trousers for field use with a stripe on the outer seam of the trouser correspondin