Why is the pentagon the shape of a pentagon not any outer shape in Washington DC?

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The building plans was made for another site where it had to have that shape to maximize the use of the land. The building site was changed but the plans kept the old way since it was early war time (beginning of WW II) and the building had to be finished as soon as possible
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Can a pentagon form a 3d shape?

Yes, it can be used to form a Dodecahedron. I don't see how! But cut out a pentagon from a piece of paper. Nextmake a fold along a line between any 2 corners which are not nextto each other. It's no longer 2D. . +++ . I am not sure what the second sentence is about, but each of the12 faces of a D (MORE)

What objects are shaped like pentagonal pyramid?

I'm actually having a hard time thinking of any myself. I hope someone else can. The main thing to remember is that pyramids, like cones, come to a point (or apex) at the top. So a Toblerone bar is *NOT* a pyramid. Rather, it is a triangular prism.

What does a pentagon shape look like?

A pentagon shape looks like a house with the slanted roof and square bottom. It is a closed, plane, 5-sided figure with all straight sides. A regular pentagon has all 5 sides the same length. These are all pentagons.

How do you make pentagon shape chopstick?

Cut the carefully selected wood to the desired size. The wood used is either imported rosewood or ebony. . Shave the wood using a specially designed plain from the Edo period (1603-1867). The artist rotates and gently shears each chopstick countless number of times until it reaches a preferred st (MORE)

Shape of a pentagon?

A pentagon is a 2D, five sided shape. A regular pentagon looks a bit like a house, with a square without a top and instead a point.

What is a 3D pentagon shape called?

There are multiple 3-d pentagon shapes. One such is theDodecahedron, it has 30 edges and 20 vertices. Another 3-d pentagonshape is the pentagonal prism.

Shapes pentagon octagonhexagon what do they look like?

A pentagon has five equal sides an octagon has eight equal sides. Look at a stop sign, that is an octagon, a hexagon has has six equal sides. Try google image search for examples. Draw a perfect five pointed star, with equal distant sides and angles, then connect the points of the star with lines, i (MORE)

Is a pentagon a regular or irregular shape?

It depends! If all its sides and angles are the same then it is a regular pentagon, however, if it's a five sided shape (5 straight sides that join to make a single shape), but it's sides or angles are not equal then it is an irregular pentagon.

How many diagnals in a pentagon shape?

to make any line you need two points.. so.. a pentagon has 5 vertices - ie. 5 points so how many ways can you select a combination of 2 - out of 5 points.. . 1,2,3,4,5 . (1,2) . (1,3 ) . (1,4 ) . (1,5 ) . (2, 3) . (2,4 ) . (2,5 ) . (3, 4) . (3, 5) . (4, 5) . so, there (MORE)

Is a house-shaped pentagon a regular pentagon?

No. A regular polygon has all sides the same length and all anglesthe same size. A regular pentagon has 5 angles each 108 degrees. Ahouse-shaped pentagon does not have all angles the same size, sotherefore it cannot be regular.

Show shape of a pentagon?

A pentagon is a five-sided polygon. In an attempt: This is an irregular pentagon. 0000000000000 0 -------------------0 0 ---------------------0 0 -----------------------0 0 -------------------------0 0 ---------------------------0 0 -----------------------------0 0 ---------- (MORE)

What type of shape is a pentagon?

A pentagon is a polygon -having five angles and five sides. ' Pente-' originates from Greek meaning five and -gon originates from the Greek word '-gonos' means angle .

What shape can tessellate with a regular pentagon?

hexagons work because each angle is 120 degress, as you say, and 3 times 120 equals 360 degrees. So three hexagons will surround a point with no 'space" left over. but the interior angle of a pentagon is108 degrees. three pentagons together only fill up 3 time 108, or 324 degrees. There is space le (MORE)

How do you make a 3D pentagon shape out of paper?

A pentagon is a 2-D shape. There is a 3-D shape with 12 faces, each a regular pentagon. It's called a dodecahedron. To make one out of (stiff) paper, you would cut out a "net", then fold and glue the edges. See related link for an illustration of a net you could print out.

A sign In the shape of a pentagon warns of?

Pentagons shaped like houses indicate a school zone. Such signs are usually a neon yellow-green. Pentagons that are not shaped like houses and are blue and yellow indicate a county route. Such signs are commonly found in states like New Jersey, New York, Florida, California and many others.

Who designed the US Pentagon in Washington DC?

The Architect was George Bergstrom and the General Coontractor was John McShain. Colonel Leslie Groves was the Army representative on the project. (The same Groves who also organized the Manhattan Project for the Army).

Why is the pentagon building in the shape of a pentagon?

the original answer was : It represents the US. military's five branches of service: Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force and the Coast Guard. This can't possibly be true, the Air Force was establish in 1947. The Pentagon was built in 1943. ?

What is the shape of a hexagon and a pentagon?

A hexagon is a 6-sided figure, while a pentagon is a 5-sided figure. A school crossing sign in the United States is a pentagon. In many cases, hexagons and pentagons have sides that are all the same length, although this is not required.

What shapes make up a pentagon?

A pentagon is a five sided regular polygon; as such, it is made up of five line segments. If you wanted to, you could also construct a pentagon out of five triangles that fit together much like a pie.The shapes that make a pentagon is triangles, rhombuses and diamonds. Dummy next time answer the (MORE)

How many faces does a pentagonal shape have?

A pentagonal shape has 5 faces. For determining the name of a shape, it is determined by the amount of faces. For determining the amount of faces on a shape, it is determined by the pre fix of a word. tri-3 quad-4 pent-5. hex-6 hept-7 oct-8 non-9 deca-10 and so on.

Does pentagon the shape have symmetry in it?

A general pentagon may have no symmetries at all. A regular pentagon has five symmetry axes - each one connecting a vertex with the middle of the edge opposite this vertex. A regular pentagon also has rotational symmetry - if you rotate it by any multiple of 72 degrees clockwise or anti-clockwise yo (MORE)

Is the shape of 50 pence coin a pentagon?

The British 50 Pence coin is "heptagonal" in shape, ie. seven sided. (If it were pentagonal, it would have five sides.) The Royal Mint, as do many other mints around the world, produce some coins with different shapes as an aid to the vision impaired.

Why is a 5 sided shape called a pentagon?

A 5 sided shape is called a pentagon because Geometry was studied(and practically invented) by the Greeks. The word pentagon is madeup of two Greek words: πέντε γωνία which are: πέντε (or pente) the Greek for 5 γωνία (or gonia) the Greek f (MORE)

What is a four sided shape like is it a pentagon?

No, a pentagon has 5 sides. A four sided shape is called a quadrilateral. An example of a four sided shape is a square or a rectangle. However, there are also other four sided shaped like trapeziums and kites...

What is the shape of the bases on a 3-d pentagon?

It depends on what you mean by a 3-d pentagon. To most people, a 3-d pentagon is a dodecahedron - a 3d shape with 12 pentagonal faces. In that case, each of the faces, by definition, must be a pentagon! If you mean a pentahedron - a 3d shape with 5 plane faces, it could be a triangular prism or a (MORE)

What other shape can make pentagon?

"What other" shape implies that there is at least one shape that you know of. But you have chosen not to share that information. Therefore I cannot be sure that my answer refers to another shape.

What makes a shape pentagon?

When a figure has 5 sides it is considered a pentagon. When a figure has 5 sides AND all the interior angles are 108 degrees then it is a regular pentagon.