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Ok, The sky is only white if there are clouds in it, otherwise it is blue because the atmosphere acts like a big mirror and reflects back the color of the ocean (which covers most the earth).   The Sky is BLUE because light from the sun scatters, and blue scatters the least.   scince when has the clear sky been white? Have I missed anything sitting on this computer my whole life? The last time I checked the sky was BLUE!   .......the sky is blue.............................blue............   Big mirrors, and the ocean....I think not.
The sky appears blue most of the time because the water molecules in the atmosphere act like tiny prisms, refracting the "white" light from the sun. Due to several factors such as the angle between the sun and earth, and the physical properties of water, etc. Blue is the prominate color that we observe. However when the sun sets for instance the sky changes to an orange or red color as these are now more prominent than blue.
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