Why is there a Chinese guy doing pushups at your front lawn?

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He just stopped by for a short exercise break.
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Can you bulk up from just doing sit-ups and pushups?

Tone . Sit ups and push ups will only tone your muscles, in order to bulk up you will need to add weight, do few reps and as many sets as you can, and continue to add more

How many calories are burned by doing 50 pushups?

It depends how long it takes to do those pushups. If you do 50 pushups in one set or a few sets (2 or 3) you will burn about 500 calories. This assumes that you are of an aver

Will doing pushups everyday cause weight loss?

Probably yes because you will be losing muscle which weighs more than fat.You won't see a six pack or anything because your just shrinking your arm size.if you want ripped arm
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How is what are you doing in Chinese?

你在做什麼?(Nǐ zài zuò shénme) What are you doing right now? The 在 (zài), used in this sentence, means "right now".