Why is there a Kansas citie in Kansas and in Missouri?

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Kansas City is in Kansas and Missouri because Kansas City is a rather large city; it is in Kansas but it crosses over the border and the larger part sits in Missouri, so it is considered a city in both Kansas and Missouri.
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Are Kansas City Kansas and Kansas City Missouri the same city?

Yes they are. This is fairly obvious, though you wouldn't think it. Folks misunderstand cities in the US in the traditional sensebecause they've corrupted the word beyond recognition. Totallydestroyed it's original intent. It's been reduced to rubble hereand it has very little to do with what we th (MORE)

Why is there no Costco north of the Missouri River in Kansas City Missouri?

According to the higher-ups (as of February 2012), the company is planning on opening a store in the North Kansas City area near Zona Rosa sometime within the next year if negotiations with the city go well. Once they "break ground" it takes about 6 months to open a new warehouse. Don't hold your br (MORE)

Is Kansas City in Missouri or Kansas?

There are cities with the same name in both Missouri and Kansas, and are just across the Missouri River from each other. Kansas City's metropolitan area has the distinction of being one of only three American cities (the others are St. Louis and New York) that have area in two states. However, the K (MORE)

How far is Kansas City Missouri from branson?

About 200 miles. The quickest and shortest route is to go (from Branson) north on 65 through Springfield, then west on 44, then north on 13 all the way to Clinton, then NW on 7 to Harrisonville, then NW on 71 into Kansas City. A very pretty drive.

Why do people say that Kansas City is in Kansas when it is in Missouri?

There is a Kansas City in Kansas, as well in Missouri. Multiple states have the same names of cities.. Like twin cities in other parts of the country Kansas City Missouri and Kansas City Kansas are right next to each other, unlike most twin cities the two aren't divided by a river but only by a sta (MORE)

What are common spiders in Kansas City Missouri?

I have a bunch of funnel web spiders that like to make webs outside my house. I have also seen a ton of wolf spiders in my basement, a few brown recluses, some kind of tiny spindly legged spider enjoys making webs in the corners of my bathroom, two black widows (in a wooded park), a few brown reclu (MORE)

Why is there a Kansas City Kansas and a Kansas City Missouri?

In the United States, a city is a legal entity of a state (or territory or commonwealth, etc.). As such, it is impossible for the legal limits of a city to extend across state borders. This has led to cities which appear to cross borders, because they have the same name in both states, but which are (MORE)

Is Kansas City in Kansas or Missouri?

Kansas City is in both states indeed (I live in Kansas). The majority and most of the attractions of Kansas city are on the Missouri side including the home of the nfl's chiefs, and mlb's royals. also home to the downtrown kansas city area. the kansas side is the smaller city with less attractions b (MORE)

What is the weather like in Kansas City Missouri?

Kansas City, Missouri has a very varied climate. It gets extremely cold in the winter and extremely hot in the summer. Heat is usually accompanied by lots of humidity. The weather can change quite rapidly, going from hot and sunny to cool and rainy and back again in one afternoon.

Is there a Kansas City in Kansas or Missouri?

It makes no sense, but there is both! Kansas City, KS and Kansas City, MO. There is also a place called Kansas, OK (but not Kansas city, just Kansas). Just like Portland. There is a Portland in Oregon and Maine. Trust me, sometimes cities double, maybe even triple!

How do you spell Kansas City Missouri?

That is the correct spelling of Kansas City (a city in Missouri, and a city of the same name in Kansas, just across the Missouri River from its namesake).

What is the mathematical area of Kansas City Missouri?

The total area of Kansas City, Missouri is 319.03 square miles.Kansas City is the largest city in Missouri with a population ofover 2 million. The Missouri side of Kansas City is larger than theKansas side by about 200 square miles.

Is Kansas in Missouri?

Kansas and Missouri are separate states, but the good part ofKansas City is in Missouri. Kansas City Missouri has thethe Chiefs, the Royals, the zoo, the convention center, the oldairport (the new airport is still on the Missouri side, but is notin Kansas City itself), Country Club Plaza, Linda Ha (MORE)