Why is there no navy in Nepal?

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really there are no seas next to nepal. what you gonna have lake warfare? LOL just answer my question all so how to do the banzai drop ok? Nepal is beast
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Where is Nepal?

Nepal is a country in South Asia and is bordered by China andIndia.

How do you get in the Navy?

Visit your local Navy Recruiter. They can provide you the information to allow you to make an informed decision. If you wish to become an officer, the process requires a colle

What do you do in the navy?

I hate to be vague, but you can just about do anything you want. Repair engines, teach classes, shoot really big guns, work with SEAL teams, BE on a SEAL team (good luck with

What to do in the navy?

Navy is one of the five branches of the Military: First you enlist in the Navy. Then you are sworn into the Navy. (If you pass inspection) After that you are shipped

How do you get out of the navy?

One is typically discharged at the end of the enlistment. Discharges prior to that are not good for one's record and can be a real detriment to future employment and opportun

What is the Nepal?

Nepal is a landlocked country located in Asia continent. In north it borders China and on others it borders India. It is a mountainous country mostly and plain on the southern

What is a navy?

A navy is a part of the armed forces of a country. They are particularly concerned with the protection of waterways and ships of the country. The Navy may have an air and/or g

How do you get to into the navy?

There are a number of prerequisites before you can join, such as a written test, and various physical tests. To start though you should contact your local Navy Recruiting O

What are navies?

Branches of the governments military that specifically handle the operation of military personnel at sea.
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What do you do if the navy is out to get you?

The Navy is not out to get any of us. The whole entire purpose pose of the Navy, Marine Corps, Airforce, Army, and Coast Guard, are to protect Our Father Land from those
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Is the navy for you?

The Navy has a Inspection Test when you go to enlist, if you do not pass, your done, you can't enter. From stuff like, if you can raise you hand all the way up cause its
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What do you have to do get in the navy?

The 2 links below will give you more details, but essentially you have to pass the ASVAB, have a clean record (nothing more than simple traffic fines or misdemeanors), be a U.
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What can you do to get into the navy?

Contact a Recruiter, the following applies to the US Navy only. Here are a few ways you could contact a recruiter to join, or justto talk to them to gain information to see i
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What can you do in Nepal?

vell basically we sit wit our famoly an we sing to chwissmas carols we eating noodol al de tyme yano we love maths it my second langu-age