Why is your sister annoying?

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Because that's what they like to do.
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Can sisters be annoying?

Anyone can be annoying at some point in time. I have a sister and we get on most of the time, but obviously there is going to be some dispute between you. When isn't there? Yo

How do you annoy your sister?

Well sisters are kind to you. I've got a little sister and we are always sharing and caring for each other. But sometimes they can be annoying so here is three positive things

Is your sister annoying?

No, my sister is great. well my sister is awesome just like any one else P.S.:mine is awesomer my sister is annoying she evens never let me alone for a while i love her bu

Are younger sisters annoying or older sisters more annoying?

Older sisters can be that way.Sometimes they feel responsible for you, sometimes they just want to control you, sometimes they just want to annoy you. Most of the annoyance st

How can you annoy a sister?

I have a sister so I know! Here are some things:-Sit on top of her -Bite her head -Tell her secrets to her friends -Mess up her bed Those are all the ones I can think of rig
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What if your sister is annoying what do you do?

to get back at your sister i would probably put something in her bed or get and old book with old blank pages and make it about her and then copy all her secrets in it and onc
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What do with annoying sisters?

just ignore them, if that doesnt work hang out with some friends that doesnt require her to go. that will take her off your mind.
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Annoying sister what do you do?

ignore her she is just trying to get attention or stuff that annoy her MORE than she does you if she annoys you too much try to tell your mom and dad about it and if that doe
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How do you get your sister to not annoy you?

depends how old she is. If she is like 7 8 or 10 those kinds of ages then you should ignore her and get her something and say you cant have it if you annoy me. If shes older l