Why isn't the AR future not working on my phone on Pokemon GO?

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You may have the feature turned off, or the app might not have permission to use your phone's camera. Check the game's settings and your phone's camera settings to make sure it has the proper permissions.
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Pokemon-what is an ar?

The AR is abbreviated for Action Replay. The Action Replay is an Cheating Device pre-loaded with codes that will give you items such as: - MAX Cash - Complete PokeDex - All PokeBalls - 99x Master Balls - Fast Egg Hatch - Instant Egg From DayCare and other codes...

How do you get AR on Pokemon?

many stores in my area don't have have it, i ordered mine at http://www.wirelesshut.com/0/10751722.html at got almost $3 off!

Why isn't Pokemon cratercom working?

it has been shut down on 1st DECEMBER 2007 soz Pokemon Indigo is the new Pokemon crater. Kinda off any way. It has the same sort of thing when you move around the rooms.

How do you get the ar for Pokemon?

you can get it at wall-mart target all the basic stores that have electronics also check out http://hacksforhacks.webs.com/apps/links/ for codes

Why isn't my AR connecting to the computer I have it plugged in through the wire and I have disk in I need and I try to put my codes on the AR but it doesn't work.?

Hi! I had several problems with my Action Replay as well. The first thing I am going to say is to check the FAQ at their website. They give fairly concise answers. Now, you need to load the AR disc on your computer first. It has many games but, for now, don't worry about that. The next thing you n (MORE)

How come Pokemon indigo isn't working?

Pokemon indigo isn't the easiest sight to load on a computer normally you will have to press the refresh button in order for it to load to your page or just reload the entire site by retyping in the URL. Ok. Will try that. The date is the 4th of February and for some reason the page won't load no (MORE)

How do you get Pokemon Platinum AR cheats to work?

when turning on the ar press l+r+start+select and it deletes all codes then update it add any code you want but try using the computer from angelo - I tried that and it just stopped me in the middle of my game and sent me straight to the beginning. Btw, how do u put in codes in Pokemon Platinum? (MORE)

Where to get a Pokemon Diamond that works with ar codes?

All versions of Pokemon Diamond work with Action replay codes. However, your Action Replay may have the incorrect ID for the game (if you imported either the action replay or the game), and you must therefore set the correct ID, and get the correct AR codes.

Pokemon platinum AR codes aren't working for me WHY?

Check if they're Japanese codes. if there English then try some other codes i have a ar code for 777 rare candies and i need one for 999 master balls if anyone has one... That works. and it has to be an English code

What is AR in Pokemon?

Action Replay. It is used to get an infinite amount of almost everything in any game it is pre-recorded on.

Why aren't my Pokemon ar codes working?

Maybe your just putting in the wrong letter or number. or that code may not work so try to look for a different code. hope that helps. mastercheesemeplease

How does an att go phone work?

An AT&T Go Phone is a prepaid phone that you buy phone cards for and add talking time to your account. There is no contract for a Go Phone.

What if your ar game id for Pokemon pearl isn't working?

if your game id isn't working then you can manually change the code while the action replay cartridge is turned on. make sure your game is also in the ar cartridge and turn on the main ar screen. it should show a id code on the bottom left of the screen starting with CPUE. write down this whole code (MORE)

My Pokemon Platinum isn't working in my AR?

You probably have the old version of AR, there is now a new version of the AR in retail stores, either you go buy the new version or you can update your AR on your computer, with the cable that was provided. I have Platinum too, but I don't have my AR updates.

The Pokemon modifier on pearl isn't working?

Well maybe the code isn't right or its not a real code. Or maybe your not pressing the correct buttons, I'm having the same problem no matter what I doesn't work. Try retyping the code, only use that code when you want to use it and no other codes. I hope I helped! ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (MORE)

Do pay as you go phones work abroad?

It depends on the company and the plan. For example, a U.S. Virgin Mobile pay-as-you-go phone will not work in Canada, even though Virgin Mobile also has pay-as-you-go service in Canada.

Why isn't my phones internet working?

You are probaly using too much data or some application is using most data. Delete an app or something you don't use. If that doesn't work is the Internet on your phone on? Also try turning it off then turn it back on. Or set your phone down on the home screen and leave it alone for 10 to 30 seconds (MORE)

Why isn't my blackberry app world working on my new phone?

Mine inst working very well either, what I do is just take the battery out every time it stops and then put it back in again and it works perfectly what I dot get is that it won't let me download themes. Sorry I'm not much help xx

Why is AR not working with Pokemon White game?

Every time I start it up with the codes, I click start... And it never comes up. The game freezes right when I click start. Is this a problem with my game, my AR, or my DS, or...? What's going on?

How do you work AR codes on Pokemon black and white?

you press a for what you want, then check to see if you have done what it has told you to like press L for an example but if that does not come up(how to tell you what to) it will do it automatically if that fails well by the latest version of action replay at argos

Why isn't my allarm working on my phone?

have u turned up the sound for the ringer Try that, if it does not work, either your phone is not working in which case you should get a new one or.... you should read the guide for your phone.

How does the go phone work in the US?

The GoPhone is a prepaid phone service in the United States, originally conceived in 2004. The service lets the user choose from a variety or payment and service options.

Why isn't my AR working on Pokemon GO?

You may have AR turned off, or are not allowing the app to accessyour camera. Check the game's settings, as well as the generalsettings on your phone (specifically, those which govern which appscan and cannot use the camera).