Why it is important to communicate calmly and politely?

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if in a business it is alfa omega to do so, to show that you have "controll" or are confident on the business it also gives trust. And politness can go far in many cases, inpolite might not get what they want, or at least not for a good price.
because if you apply for a job what do you think the company or place you are applying for will do if you seem to talk loudly and get in there face and tell them that's none of your bisnus business
Well, if it's for business it's always better to be calm and speak to a client in as respectful manner so they can see the type of person you are. Then they can begin to trust you. On the other hand being overly aggressive with a client is not good for business. You need to have a trusting relationship in business as this will speak volumes to all others around you because they'll know your the person that everybody trusts.
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Why is Communism important?

Communism is a possible solution for equality in the world. Only in a perfect world we can achieve it. Communism should be a corresponding community and a solution to all atrocious hardships. Alia Hoyt on HowStuffWorks.com said: "In a perfect world, everyone would have food and shelter, and (MORE)

Why it is important to study political science?

Political science isn't the most important subject known tomankind. However it is quite useful to know. Remaining obliviousmay endanger an individuals relationship with public affairs publicservice ,health concerns and taxes. Political science studies helpsthe commoners to understand the mind frame (MORE)

What is the importance of study of political science?

Political science is a multidisciplinary field, incorporating statistical methodologies, sociology, group behavioral psychology, history, diplomacy, legal studies, and governmental policy research. It's useful to have a knowledge of political science as a discipline because it helps you to gain a (MORE)

What is the importance of studying political science?

Here are some good reasons:. Anything you learn makes you smarter . Political science teaches you about how other people think . Political science teaches you how to get along with others better . Political science teaches you about influence and peer pressure . Political science teaches you a (MORE)

What are the importance of communication channel on communication media?

Communication is the mode of transfer of information from one person to another. So first importance of communication you can see is that with help of communication you are able to ask a question and i am able to express my views regarding your question. In all of the organisations,companies, in (MORE)

Importance of politics?

Politics gives guidance as to how a society should be organized. Itis based on ethics followed by a group of people to govern others.It brings in strategies to accomplish goals. Politics helps tomake, constitute and amend rules in the society that people livein. It helps to shape the lives of people (MORE)

What is the importance of communication?

So people can much better understand what you need. //Human beings are social animals by nature. There are different ways in which we communicate with the world around us. The spoken word is of course our most basic communication tool. There is also facial expression, body language and writing.

How political aspect affect community health?

Politics can have a big effect on the health of communities.Legislation can be passed that determines which people are able toreceive medical care and which people are not. This is especiallytrue of legislation that affects the poor.

How important is communication?

communication is to put your thoughts through words or action. it could be verbal or non-verbal. only when you communicate, will you be able to express the way you feel or your thoughts and people will be able to understand you.

Is sport more important then politics?

The answer to that is it depends on who you ask. Many people would choose sports and many people would choose politics. For me, it's neither. For me, it's far more important how each of us treats the other for all occasions. Sports is a teamwork activity and politics is a compromise activity and you (MORE)

What is the importance of political partys?

They provide balance and keep the nation from going to one extremeor the other. The two parties hold government accountable byconstantly scrutinizing each other and being on the look-out forwrong-doing.

Why are politics important?

Politics are the strategies we employ to accomplish our goals. Politics are inherent in us all and it would be fallacious to argue that one is not political. There are those who are very skilled at politics and their success can be very obvious and there are those who are not very skilled at politic (MORE)

What influence has communism had on china politically and economically?

My short and indirect answer is this- I believe the world is fortunate that Communism has been in control of China for so long. They are an enterprising and intelligent people. Their drive for gain is unequaled. Just imagine a resourseful ,Democratic and determined nation of 1.4 billion, with each i (MORE)

Why is it important to communicate?

Communication is so very important because people can not alwaystell how we feel and misunderstandings lead to arguing. Sincepeoples brains process things differently, they may think one way,while you are thinking the complete opposite.

How is communication important?

Importance of Communication Communication is an integral instinct of all living things. The importance of communication is best understood when there is a lack of it. The following article discusses how important communication is and why it plays such a vital role in our daily lives.. Communicatio (MORE)

Why is community important?

community important is the process whereby some certain group of people live in a territory and create time to name the place, it is called acommunity. incase of any trouble they would call the community leader.

How does political culture affect political communication and political participation?

political culture affect political communication and participaton by enhancing the poilitical aparthy discouraged and by making provision in the constituition that is being allowed for the establishment and increase of political education of the citizens and widens the choice of political programmes (MORE)

Process of political communication?

Political communication: Its is basically the relation of medium of masses. When you design political that is political communication. The Political Communication Section The American Political Science Association advances the study of political communication within the discipline of pol (MORE)

What is communal politics?

communal politics is based on the idea that religion is the principal basis of a social community. communal ism involves thinking that the followers of one religion must belong to one community.

Why is it important to be polite?

it's important to be polite because if you nice to people they will be nice back if you rude people are going to be rude right back. You never know when you going to need a favor or a friend to someone so just try to be polite to people

Does the lack of communication have economic and political causes?

well , on the basis of personal experiences i would say that using the various components which build a unique way of your communication,do affect your personal , economical and i believe in fact every aspects of ones life. keeping a positive attitude,the right kind of contact,usage of the rig (MORE)

What is the political system of communism?

Communism is a political ideology which tries to bring equality and demolishes class distinction in society. It is a branch of Socialism and was widely practised in the ex Soviet Union and its satellite Eastern European countries and other countries such as China, Cuba, North Korea, etc. Communis (MORE)

Is calmly an adjective?

No, calmly is an adverb. The word calm is the adjective form, asused as a verb. Most words with the suffix -ly are adverbs. There are manyadjectives that can be transformed to adverbs by adding the -lysuffix. For example, in the sentence "That runner is quick", theadjective quick describes the noun (MORE)

What are the functions and importance of political ideology?

As Ayn Rand put it, "political ideology is a set of principles aimed at establishing or maintaining a certain social system; it is a program of long-range action, with the principles serving to unify and integrate particular steps into a consistent course. It is only by means of principles that men (MORE)

What is the importance of grafting in political?

To political critics campaign contributions are part of graft. The most important graft is associational. For example, as Vice President Dick Chaney convened a secret group to write the national energy policy. No money changed hands but America was handcuffed with oil company view of the future and (MORE)

Why are the US political parties important?

it promotes specific ideas on which a candidate may choose to build his/her platform on, it helps get recognition for specific canditates, it helps candidates get votes by the many operative in that specific party, and raises money for specific causes and candidates

What is the abstract noun for calmly?

The word 'calmly' is the adverb form of the adjective calm. The abstract noun form of the adjective calm is calmness . The word calm is also an abstract noun as a wordfor the feeling of tranquility or serenity.

What is the role of Information and Communication Technology in politics?

Information and communication technology bring a huge change in all over world. In a climate of growing dissatisfaction with governments and politics, people often think the political actors seem less able to act according to citizens' needs. In this setting, information and communication technologi (MORE)

How is demorcratic socialism politically different from communism?

Democratic socialism is different from Communism in the political strategy and tactics used to achieve socialism. Democratic socialists believe the movement for socialism should be democratic, co-operative and spontaneous, without any elitist party or "Vanguard" directing its actions. Alternative (MORE)

It is important to communicate?

It is important to communicate because if you can not decide anything by your own so communicate with your brother and sister oryour parents. If you communicate with them to decide something thenyou will surely get an answer