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Why kind of vertebrates are polar bears?

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Polar bears are vertebrate mammals.
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What kind of teeth do polar bears have?

Polar Bears have 42 teeth in total, which are used for catching their prey and ripping up the flesh for digestion. They use the incisors to shear off pieces of flesh and blubb

Is a polar bear an invertebrate or vertebrate animal?

Vertebrate. A vertebrate is an animal with a backbone. Bears have backbones. Well, the word "vertebrate" means that it has a backbone, and "invertebrate" means it does not. So

What kinds of enemies do polar bears have?

Nowadays, 1) global warming, and therefore, loss of habitat, and 2) predation by humans (hunting).

Which kind of noun is polar bear?

The noun 'polar bear' is a singular, common, compound, concretenoun; a word for a type of mammal; a word for a thing.

What kind of symmetry do polar bears have?

Polar bears are mammals, and all mammals have bilateral symmetry. This means they have symmetry across one plane (known as the sagittal plane, and directly down the centre of

Why polar bear are vertebrates?

Polar bears are quadrupedal mammalians, so they must be  vertebrates.    Also, the fact that polar bears have a backbone (with vertebrae)  means they are vertebrates.