Why ship's insulation falls down during dry docking?

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because its not in water
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What are the jobs undertaken during a dry-dock?

1.inspection of sea chest. 2.inspection of hull structure. cargo tanks, ballast tanks, engine room fuel oil tks.. 3.FW tanks inspection and cleaning. 4.clearance of rudar.

What is a dry dock?

This appears to be a normal docking area for large boats that cannot be hoisted by crane out of the water. Once a boat has pulled in, and is shored up underneath, to be draine

How does a dry dock work?

Dry dock does work as a safe place to build floating machines(ships, submarines , floating dry docks,etc...) or a safe place to repair the mentioned machines or a safe place t

Where was the dry dock that fitted out titanic?

the titanic was built in irland in a dry dock but was not fitted out in a dry dock and like many big ships like aircraft carriers, cruise liners etc the titanic was fitted out

Description standard maintenance task during ship dry docking?

the condition of the vessel is been updated ..following points to keep in mind before dry dock.. 1. corrosion protection i.e. hull & machinery space . 2. any defects in the eq

Why do buildings fall down during an earthquake?

An earthquake sends out seismic waves that may cause the ground toshake up and down or side-to side. This can put an enormous amountof stress on buildings. Side-to-side shakin
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Was the Thompson dock a dry dock?

the Thompson Dock was the worlds largest dry dock in 1911, so yes it was, and it helped create Titanic and its sister vessels Olympic and Britannic. :)
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What is the purpose of dry-dock?

A dry-dock is where boats and ships are built, and where they are placed when they go in for refit. A dry-dock allows workers to access various components affixed to the outer