Why use cmyk instead of rgb when creating a design to be printed?

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CMYK refers to Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. RGB refers to Red, Green, and Blue.

RGB is used for display devices. It's based on the premise that Equal amounts of Red, Green, and Blue light that mix together will create white. If you could magnify your computer screen, every illuminated pixel would be made of varying percents of red, green, and blue. It's called additive color.

CMYK is used for printing. CMYK are the "process colors" used to reproduce full colored graphics on printed media. If you could magnify a printed picture, there would be a bunch of overlapping cyan, magenta, yellow, and black "dots" of varying sizes. When the human eye looks at the image at the proper distance, they meld together to create the colors of the image. CMYK are the subtractive colors.

You can never print with RGB, nor can you use CMYK on a monitor. It's because one's emitting light, and the other is reflecting light off the ink.(since reflected light is how we see "things". If you plan for something to be printed, make sure it's in CMYK, is the proper resolution, and you save it in a non-lossy file format. (such as a tiff instead of a jpeg)

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an abbreviation for Red, Blue, Green which are the three basic components of light. Red and blue form magenta, red and green form yellow, and blue and green make cyan, a light turquoise. Red blue and green make white. Different shades of red blue and green, focused by the light can form billions (MORE)

What happens when you convert RGB to CMYK?

The underlying color model in Photoshop is neither RGB nor CMYK but LAB. It has the widest gamut, which means it can hold more color values than any other model. \n. \nOf the two other models, RGB has more color values than CMYK does. \n. \nWhen you convert from RGB to CMYK, the program first "map (MORE)

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Rgb cmyk hsl or pantone in a document?

\nIf you're printing the image on your desktop printer, use RGB--those printers will convert anything else to RGB, then to CMYK.\n. \nIf you're printing it on a wide-format inkjet printer like a Roland, Mutoh or VUtek, or you're sending it to a printing plant to be printed on an offset or flexo pre (MORE)

When you work with color you will come in contact with different color systems such as RGB CMYK and pantone what are they talking about?

Colors can reproduced in different ways. A computer screen or TV uses the colors Red, Green and Blue (RGB) combined in together to give a range of colors. Magazine and newspaper printers will use Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and blacK (or Key color) inks (CMYK) to print color onto paper. Pantone is a s (MORE)

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How do you specify a color name using an RGB code?

You can not. Rgb is a light mixture mode, and only useful for display on a monitor or online. To specify a color name for printing you must use the Pantone color matching library or the cmyk mode which simulates full color printing.

What are the differences between CMYK and RGB color?

In short: CMYK is subtractive color mostly used in print, while RGB is additive color mostly used in display graphics. The name of the CMYK color model stands for C yan (a pale blue) M agenta (a hot pink), Y ellow, and K ey (or black). The name of the RGB color model stands for R ed, (MORE)

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Can photoshop cs2 change rgb color to cmyk color?

ANSWER . Follow the instructions given blow to change RGB color to CMYK color in photo shop CS2 --- 1) Open photo shop CS2 ---> 2) make a new document (or open the existing one) ---> 3) Go to Image ---> 4) Mode ---> 5) CMYK Color -------> Finish now check your document, you will see your (MORE)

Offset printing cmyk or rgb which is best?

CMYK is the only color mode you should be using for typical offset printing. Those are the primary colors for printing and therefore are the colors in a press. RGB are the primary colors in video monitors--totally different world. There are other forms of offset printing including hexachrome and h (MORE)

Suppose an RGB raster system is to be designed using an 8 inch by 10 inch screen with resolution of 100 pixels per inch each direction.If we want to store 6 bits?

In an RGB raster system; The size of screen =8 inch by 10 inch Resolution of each direction =100 pixels per inch To store 6 bits per pixel; The resolution of the system =8* 100 by 10 *100 From buffer size = to store bits per pixel* resolution = 6 * 800 *1000 bits = 6 * 800 *1000 bytes 8 = 6 * (MORE)

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How are rgb and cmyk alike?

They aren't - RGB (Red, Green, Blue) is a color format primarily used in computer and electronic applications, because computer screens use red, green and blue led's (or in older CRT's, dots) to formulate an image onscreen. CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) is used in printed mediums. Since (MORE)

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Why would a press need more than CMYK printing units?

For spot colours (mettalic inks, oil based varnishes, pantone colours), for colour consistency in long run jobs, for less setup time when changing jobs, for printing at the same time products variations (usually packaging), for a larger colour gamut. These are the main reasons i can remember for now (MORE)

What does cmyk mean in relation to the printing process?

The colour, referred to also process colour or the fours colours, is a subtractive colour model, used when printing colour (which may also be known as printing cartridges). It can be used to also describe the printing process itself. CMYK means the four inks used in most printing: Cyan Magenta Ye (MORE)

How is RGB and CMYK related?

RGB is color mode which is suitable for screen, CMYK for printing with process colors. In most cases to print image you will first work with it in RGB color mode because you are watching your work on screen then you will need to convert to CMYK. RGB model is created from 3 main colors Red, Green and (MORE)

Why printers use CMYK?

Printers use Cyan , Magenta , Yellow , and Black because each of these is is the inversion of the colors of light, Red , Green , Blue , and White , respectively. These colors generate the RGB (Visible) spectrum , of which all colors can be made. Since printers generate images based on th (MORE)

What is RGB mode used for in photoshop?

RGB is color model and is used to describe colors using numbers and to determine number of possible colors. You can change color model from Image > Mode > choose color model. RGB is suitable for screen and different devices including internet. Other color modes are CMYK suitable for professional pri (MORE)

How do you use RGB in Photoshop?

As you know, RGB stands for Red Green Blue. It is a color scheme for monitors, while CMYK is for printing and publishing. So if you are designing something for print, better change color scheme to CMYK (Image -> mode). There are also HSB scheme(You determine hue saturation and brightness). In RGB yo (MORE)

What does RGB mean in relation to the printing process?

There are two basic colorspaces for art: RGB and CMYK. (Yes, I know about LAB color, index color, and all the other settings you can put a file into. Let's stick to RGB abd CMYK.) Printing on a press, or a pro inkjet, is done in CMYK because the inks are cyan, magenta, yellow and black (black ink i (MORE)

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The people use a machine in the factory that is kind of like a printer. Well, it is a printer. They use a special ink designed for the product they are manufacturing so it will stick and will not wash or scratch off.

What is the best software for print design?

The best software for print design, also known as graphic design, is the Adobe Creative Suite. The most recent version is 5.5. Runners up include Corel Graphics and Xara Design.

What does CMYK printing stand for?

CMYK stands for color model, four color. It is the process used in printing where four colors are used to create the desired printed colour. When all the colors are printed together the color black is seen on the page.