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Why was Selena Quintanilla important to contribution to Hispanic Latino?

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Selena Quintanilla is an Important contribution to Hispanic Latinos because she was a Hispanic Lantino who was here in the UnitedStates facing all the changes of racism(yes racism consists of more than just Blacks and Whites), but against all of this She became a young and Very Famous Hispanic Singer. Selena had many fans and didnt care about what others Thought of her. She proved to Everyone that people of color could do the same things Americans could.
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How did Selena quintanilla contribute to the world?

Selena Quintanilla Perez Sprung Jlo's Career along as causing the tv special SELENA !VIVE!   to become the most watched Spanish language special ever in world history she

What is Selena quintanilla?

She is the Queen of tejano and my prima thousand of people say that like every day ^^^ so maybe its not true but maybe it is but anyways she was more than the Queen of tejano

Why is Selena Quintanilla Perez important to latin American?

She was a pioneer in the spreading of Latin music in America. And she proved that no matter what ethnicity or gender with hard work you can make it as big as your dreams wish,

Why was Selena Quintanilla Pereze important to latin America?

Because she represented us Latinos, in such a good way. You have to go back to history. Selena was the first female tejano artist, that literally made and changed the Music in

Why was Selena quintanilla important?

Because apart from breaking down barriers and being the first Mexican-American woman "Chicana", to make it big in the Tejana music scene she also managed to cross over in some

How is Selena quintanilla important to history?

She changed the life of Mexican-American music known as Tejano Music for life. And her about to cross over into the English language market right before untimely death only 16