Why was Taiwan named Taiwan?

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In Taiwan
Because the capital is called Taipei so they decided to name it after the capital


the answer above is not quite right.

the reasons are likely to be:

1. there used to be many immigrants form south east mainland china during the period form 16th century to 18th century and many of them died when crossing the Taiwan strait. so, Taiwan became a place many people died of despite and the pronunciation of "die of despite" in Minnan, a kind of Chinese dialect. thus, Taiwan is so called .

2. the very first place that immigrants disembark form ships was called "Teowan", which was said to be the residence of a division of Plain Aboriginals in Taiwan.
Answers above are wrong and baseless. Taiwan was first known as "Tayouan." It is believed to be derived from the word "Taian" or "Tayan," which mean "foreigner" in Formosan language spoken by the Siraya people, an indigenous people in Taiwan.

During the Dutch Formosa era, Taiwan was then called "Taioan," which was derived from the Minnan pronunciation of "Tayouan," and later became "Taiwan."
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Where is Taiwan?

Taiwan is off the east coast of Asia, east of mainlandChina. Taiwan (also "Formosa" or "The Republic of China") consists of theislands of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen, Matsu and some minor islands inthe seas east of mainland China (in the Philippine Sea and theTaiwan Strait, extensions of the western No (MORE)

How was Taiwan created?

Answer . Taiwan was created when Chinese Nationalists, after being defeated by the Communists, fled to Taiwan and created a new republic.

What is the capital of Taiwan?

The capital of Taiwan is Taipei. Taipei is located on the Tamsui River, at the northern tip ofTaiwan. Taipei, New Taipei, and Keelung together form theTaipei-Keelung metropolitan area with a population of 6,900,273.

Is Taiwan a state?

Taiwan is an island off the SE coast of China, between the East and South China Seas. It is difficult to say whether or not Taiwan is a state, because of disagreements between Beijing (People's Republic of China, mainland) and Taipei (Republic of China, Taiwan). Since 1949 mainland China has consid (MORE)

What religion does Taiwan have?

Taiwan is a free country. The residents are free to choose which ever religion they wish to practice. There is high tolerance for many different religions to be practiced side by side. Major religions Buddhism, Taoism, folk religion makes up about 93% of total religious population. There is about 4. (MORE)

Who is the President of Taiwan?

Ma Ying-Jeou is the president of Taiwan. Heassumed office on May 20, 2008. The current president of Taiwan is Ma Ying-jeou of the Kuomintang political party. Ma Ying-Jeou

What are facts about Taiwan?

Taiwan is one of the most densely populated countries of the world with about 1595 people per square mile. . Black Bears, Rock Monkeys, Leopards, Sambars, Flying Frogs, Salamanders etc are found in Taiwan. . The highest point in Taiwan is the Jade mountain which is about 3950m above sea level. . (MORE)

When was Taiwan established?

Taiwan is an island which has a different government than the Chinese mainland because the losing non-communist forces during the Chinese civil war fled to Taiwan leaving the communists to take over the mainland. The official title of Taiwan is the 'Republic of China'

What is another name for Taiwan?

Taiwan before 1945 was referred to as Formosa which is Portuguese for "beautiful island". After World War 2, China became embroiled in a civil war between Nationalist forces and Communist forces. In the end, the Communist forces under Mao Zedong were victorious and so the Nationalists were forced to (MORE)

How do you get to Taiwan?

Fly on a plane. There are direct flights to Taiwan, or you can fly to Hong Kong and take the Ferry to Taiwan. There is no Ferry from Hong Kong to Taiwan. It is still necessary to take plane from Hong Kong to Taiwan (about 1.5 hours)

What are Taiwans imports?

taiwans imports include electricle products, crude oil, machinery, other metel products, and iron and steel.

What other name is Taiwan called by?

The main island of Taiwan, also known as Formosa (from Portuguese ( Ilha ) Formosa , meaning "beautiful (island)") (Wikipedia). so Taiwan also called Formosa. Nationalist China or Republic of China

What is made in Taiwan?

Items that are made in Taiwan are chainsaws, LCD TV's, andSmartphones. Trucks and PC Mainboards are also made in Taiwan..

What is the climate in Taiwan?

The climate in taiwan is Tropical monsoon and Subtropical monsoon.Wet-Dry tropical climate,mild,trade-wind coastal climate,humidclimate,temperate rainy climate, and dry winters. XD

What is a former name of Taiwan?

Formosa , the name given it as a colony of the Netherlands from 1624 to 1662.. In 1544, a Portuguese ship sighted the main island of Taiwan and dubbed it "Ilha Formosa", which means "Beautiful Island." It was occupied only by indigenous aborigines. In 1624, the Dutch established a commercial base o (MORE)

What is the former name of Taiwan?

When the Portuguese first saw Taiwan, they called it "Formosa". wich means " beautiful island" that's the first name that Taiwan has. Then the aborigines called it "dayuen" which became " Taiwan"

What is the other name of Taiwan?

It is formally known as the Republic of China.. Taiwan was named Formosa ("beautiful [island]") by Portuguese explorers, so Westerners did know the island as "Formosa" until the 20th century.. On mainland China, Taiwan is written 台湾, and spelled Táiwan in pinyin. On Taiwan, the name (MORE)

What are the cities of Taiwan?

the capital is taipei. the other cities are: hsinchu,taichung,tainan, taoyuan,taitung, kenting, keelung, kaohsivng hope that helps.

What is the Other name for Taiwan?

It is "The Republic of China". Don't mess this up with "The People's Republic of China" which is the one we all commonly refer to as China.

What is Taiwan known for?

Taiwan is known for their high technology, friendliness, older cultures, and modern songs.\nTaiwan is considered the most high-tech country in Asia

When did Formosa change name to Taiwan?

It was always Taiwan in Chinese. Formosa was given by the Westerners (the Portuguese) and as the country grew, people started calling them by their own name. 1958

Who does Taiwan belong to?

It belongs to the Taiwanese people. Chang Kai-Shek and his nationalist followers fled (with emphasis on fled) to Taiwan from Mao Zedong's communist rule. Ever since then, Taiwan has been its own country and rules its own government. Only a Chinese bimbo would tell you otherwise.

Why is Taiwan called Taiwan?

cause china(people republic of china) and Taiwan was a contry, after war Taiwan (as republic of china)lost the war, so they separated.the communist got china,so they use the name, they cant be 2 china in the world, so they use Taiwan.but the real name is republic of china(ROC) Not totally correct a (MORE)

Names of the 7 main cities in Taiwan?

There top seven metropolitans in Taiwan, ranked by population (2011.Sept data) . 1. New Taipei. City. 3,910,086. 2. Kaosiung. City. 2,773,157. 3. Taizhoung. City. 2,659,828. 4. Taipei. City. 2,640,099. 5. Taoyuan. County. 2,010,168. 6. Tainan. City. 1,876,031. 7. Changh (MORE)

When was Taiwan founded?

when communist radicals seized power, all the nationalists escaped to tiwan and founded it as an indepenent nation

Who founded Taiwan?

Luke Allen founded Taiwan in 1949. He attacked there and dominated them. He put in an anarchy government.

What is the altitude of Taiwan?

Taiwan is a mountainous island. Mountains account for 30% of its total area, hills and plateaus for 40%, and plains for the remaining 30%. In terms of altitude Taiwan's topography can be categorized as follows: A. Mountains Taiwan's mountainous area consists of mountains of over 1,000 meters, spre (MORE)

Is Taiwan clean?

The streets and sidewalks? Yes, very. But I wish there were more trash cans. I'm not sure what everyone does with their garbage. Maybe, as a culture, they tend to not walk while eating and drinking, but I often find myself tempted to throw a wrapper to the ground because I can't find a bin. The air (MORE)

How do people get to Taiwan?

You can take a plane flight there, this will vary in cost depending where you are. There is also boat transportation available from certain countries nearby. If you're question was How did they get there, then they arrived by boat. The aborigines arrived about 4000 years ago. Additional informat (MORE)

What does Taiwan farm?

This is not a researched answer, but the result of personal experience. Wherever you go in Taiwan, you see rice paddies. Most of them are privately owned but they produce rice not only for personal use, but also for commercial purposes. The second thing you see are fruit trees upon fruit trees. Thes (MORE)

When did Taiwan become Taiwan?

The first year of Taiwan is 1911, but officially have our own government is on 1951 the San Francisco peace treaty signed

What year was Taiwan named Taiwan?

Japan had control of Taiwan from 1895 until the end of World War II. After WW II, in 1949, Taiwan was reverted to Chinese control, and the name was then changed to Taiwan, meaning Big Island. .

Which singer is from Taiwan?

Jay Chou (周杰倫) A-Mei (張惠妹) Jolin Tsai (蔡依林) Rainie Yang (楊丞琳) S.H.E (Selina, Hebe, Ella) Show Luo (羅志祥) Ariel Lin (林依晨) Etc.

What is he former name of Taiwan?

the place is always called Taiwan. if you are asking the nickname, it would be "formosa" which was first called by Portuguese when they saw Taiwan. the original quotation is "" ilha formosa"" which means "a beautiful island". if you are asking the official name of the island, the answer is "th (MORE)

Is it safe in Taiwan?

Well it's safe in the sense that you can walk around, as long as you follow common sense rules like not walking around during the dead of night by yourself or going into strange alleyways you'll be safe. Except crossing the roads in Taiwan can be dangerous so just be extra cautious when you cross th (MORE)

How taiwan jones got his name?

Someone asked him about his name during the press conference inOakland and he just said his mom likes names that start with 'T'.His brother's name is THAILAND and his sister's name is TASIA.

How do you say the name Darwin in Taiwan?

Darwin. names don't translate into other languages. like the brand "coca-cola", for example, you wouldnt change it for another language because thats just what its called.

Is Taiwan a continent?

No, it is an island off the coast of mainland China in the South China Sea. A Continant is one of the large landmasses of the earth, such as Africa and South America. Thanks for the question, had to scratch my head for a while there.