Why was it named Guatemala?

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Guatemala means land of trees. It's called that because of the tropical rain forest part of Guatemala.
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Why is Guatemala city the capital of Guatemala?

The original capital city of Guatemala was Antigua. It was alsocalled Guatemala, but in the early 1800s there were severalearthquakes that caused the nearby volcano Agua to erupt. Onlyinstead of erupting with lava it erupted a huge pocket of waterflooding the entire city. Several natural disasters s (MORE)

How big is Guatemala?

\n . \n The land area of Guatemala is 41,865 sq mi (108,430 sq km); the total area is 42,042 sq mi (108,890 sq km).

Where is Guatemala located?

Guatemala is located in Central America. Guatemala's coastline is on the Pacific Ocean. You can find Guatemala on the southern tip of Mexico, between Mexico and Honduras. Guatemala's size is a bit smaller than Tennessee.

What museums are in Guatemala?

The following is a list of museums in Guatemala:. Guatemala City . Botanical Gardens/ Jardín Botánico. Centro de Estudios Folklóricos-CEFOL. Textiles and Clothing/Museo Ixchel del Traje Indigena. National Museum of Modern Art/Museo Nacional de Arte Moderno. Museum of the National Pala (MORE)

What is the name of guatemalas rainforest?

Guatemala's rainforest is simple called Guatemala's rainforest.Jungles and rainforests make up one third of Guatemala and is hometo over one thousand species of animals.

Name of Guatemala money?

Quetzals....try google for something so simple. I think wikipedia would even agree. did you know that long time ago there was a bill that costed 50 cents i Still have some but they are old and its "Quetzales" the name of Our National Bird google Quetzal and you'll se how beautyfull that Bird is...= (MORE)

What rivers are in Guatemala?

there are 65 altogether, here are a few...Acome, Belize. Blanco River, Chizna, Chixoy, Dulce, Holmul, Ican, Ixcan, Jalapa, Lempa, Moho, Mopan, Nentol, Nim, Nima. Oc, Ostua, Salama

What is Guatemala?

Guatemala is a country in Central America, the northernmost of the seven countries, and borders Mexico, Belize, Honduras, and El Salvador.

Where is Guatemala city?

Guatemala City is the capital and largest city of Guatemala, in the south-central part of the country.

What is hello in Guatemala?

hola, like in any spanish-speaking country.\n"que pasa?" (what's up?) "que onda?" (the slang version of que pasa) and "como esta(s)?" (how are you?) are also common greetings

Landforms in Guatemala?

some of the important landforms and bodies of water in Guatemala are the mountains, Guatemalan highlands, the Pacific Coast, the Carribean, Gulf of Mexico, Lake Izabal, and Usumacinta River ( which forms a boundry between Chapas, Mexico.)

What are facts about Guatemala?

1> we are sorrounded by active volcanoes and mountains 2> the coldest places are "Tierra Fria and Xela" 3>its a great place for traveling 4> go to "Peten" and visit the old Mayan ruins they're gourgeous!! take a camara with you

Were is Guatemala at?

Guatemala is a country in Central America bordered by Mexico to the north and west, the Pacific Ocean to the southwest, Belize and the Caribbean to the northeast, and Honduras and El Salvador to the northeast.

Anything about Guatemala?

Guatemala is my homeland. I'm going to move back there soon. If you go there, you will get sunburnt--if you are white.

What is the abbrviation for Guatemala?

It depends on the context. If Guatemalans are talking about their country, we usually say "Guate". If you're talking about Guatemala as an airport destination, it's "GUA". And on the websites, it's "gt".

How did Guatemala get its name?

In a Mayan dialect, Quauhtlemallan means 'place of manytrees', and as we all know Guatemala is very rich in trees. You are partly right, Guatemala is the land of many trees, but theword is not Mayan, its Nahuatl, which is the language of theAztecs, or ancient Mexicans, another country who bears a (MORE)

Who are Guatemalas neighbors?

Guatemala's neighbors are Mexico to the north / north west, Belize to the north east, Honduras to the east and El Salvador to the south east, Guatemala also has the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the south

How is Guatemala?

Is amazing it is the country of the eternal spring. Guatemala is a very interesting country. "How" it is depends on the part of the country you are in. There are rich parts of the country and also very poor parts. The richer parts are generally much cleaner than the poor parts, where there is tra (MORE)

What is a fact on Guatemala?

The guatemalans love to drink and party. The hoes there are bad as fu76, they got some fat2sses and some big 2ss titties (;

What is a Guatemala slogan?

Guatemala's slogan is El País de la Eterna Primavera (The Landof Eternal Spring) . Do not accept "Guatemala: Soul of theEarth"as and official slogan as it was part of a past governmenttourism campaign and is incorrect. If you're looking forGuatemala's Motto though, it's Libre Crezca Fecundo wh (MORE)

What is the geography of Guatemala?

Guatemala's geography is composed almost entirely of mountains. Only 2% of the land lies below 6000 feet above sea level, and this land composed mostly of arid deserts.

Is Guatemala a region?

No, Guatemala is not a region but a country. This country islocated in Central America and has a population of close to 16million people.

What hemisphere is Guatemala in?

Guatemala is located in the Northwestern hemisphere of the Earth.The neighboring countries surrounding it are Mexico, El Salvador,Honduras, and Belize.

What does Guatemala produce?

Bananas, textiles, (Clothing, GAP, Old Navy, etc.) coffee and they mine jade and silver. /~The random prince of no membership~\

What state is Guatemala in?

Guatemala isn't in any state. It's a country itself. It's dividedinto 22 departments. Which are: Huehuetenango, Guatemala City,Quetzaltenango, Alta Verapaz, Zacapa, Escuintla, Peten, BajaVerapaz, Solola, Izabal, Chimaltenango, Chiquimula, Jalapa, ElProgreso, Retalhuleu, Santa Rosa, Jutiapa, Suchitep (MORE)

What celebrations does Guatemala have?

Guatemala has a lot of celebrations. They celebrate Christmas, Easter (they call it Holy week), Independence day (their Independence from the Spanish), Revolutionary day (The dethrone of a harsh dictator), New Years Eve, and All Saints Day (locally known as the Day of the Dead, it is pretty interest (MORE)

Is Guatemala in California?

No, Guatemala is a small country in Central America located a bit south of Mexico and is next to Belize. California is a state in the United States in the southern part of the American west coast. Where did you think Guatemala was?

Does Guatemala have bears?

Maybe, just let me see.....OW! YES. I thought this site was to get real answers not just for clowns to perform their acts. Does anyone actually know the answer to the above question?

Who developed Guatemala?

Guatemala faces significant development challenges. Ranking 131 out of 187 on the United Nations Development Programme's 2011 human development index , it is the second poorest country in Central America after Nicaragua. About 14 percent of the people live on less than US$1.25/day; another 26 perce (MORE)