Why was the Titanic called the unsinkable?

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In Titanic
White Star Line claimed after the ship sunk that they did not say the ship was unsinkable and that people over heard them saying it could almost be unsinkable and so it spread around like Chinese whispers and changed to the ship was unsinkable.
White star line said before the departure of the ship : 'these two wonderful vessels are designed to be unsinkable' So people got the impression that the whole ship was unsinkable.
The Titanic was called The Unsinkable Ship because she was designed to stay afloat with 4 watertight compartments breached. But when Titanic collided with the iceberg, 5 compartments were breached
The builders of the ship (Harland and Wolff) insist that Titanic was never said to be an unsinkable ship. They say that the myth was a result of some articles in a few magazines.
The Titanic had several watertight compartments, which would be sealed with automatic doors if water came inside. The Titanic could in fact stay afloat with four of the sixteen watertight compartments filled with water. The automatic doors would make sure that the water stayed in a limited area of the boat if water came in.

The Titanic sank because the iceberg created a crack along several of the watertight compartments, filling several of the compartments. In addition, the compartments wasn't as watertight as everyone thought. The water flooded over the top of the compartments, and filled even more compartments.
before its departure, everyone knew that the boat was built to go against anything, maybe the best built ship there was, that is, of course until it hit the iceberg. Some people refused to get off the ship as it was sinking because they knew that the ship was hard, and strong, and refused to believe that it was sinking. But the titanic was made of iron anything really sharp could of sunk it
Because it was made of a very strong and stable metal, so they thought that it would make it impossible to sink. However, it was made of iron, and iron can be shaped.
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Why did they think titanic was unsinkable?

Because it had many new and "high tech" features like water pumps, double lower compartments, and more, causing people to believe that it was unsinkable.That is a lie

Is it true that the titanic was an unsinkable ship?

Obviously not, as it sank. . It probably would have been unsinkable for the amount of damagethat the engineers had considered. . But the damage it took from hitting the iceberg was bigger thanimagined, and down it went. . Titanic had several different water tight compartment, and wouldhave kept a (MORE)

Why was the Titanic unsinkable?

Obviously, Titanic was not unsinkable - but many features ledpeople to believe that. A crewman even said "God himself cannot sinkthis ship" to Sylvia Caldwell at Southampton.

How was the Titanic unsinkable?

Obviously, it wasn't. That was just a claim made by the people who built the ship. A rather disastrous claim, as it turned out. "The tallest towers fall the hardest" -???

Was the Titanic unsinkable?

No. Its design allowed for the flooding of only a limited number of compartments and only to a certain level. Anything beyond that would have resuted in its sinking (which did indeed occur).

Why did people say the titanic was unsinkable?

BecauSe the builders tried to plan for every possible scinario and they did, exept for the scraping of a massive iceberg. I personally belive it sank because people were saying god himself couldn't sink it and god got angry and sank it just to proove the titanic could be sank. ^I don't think God (MORE)

Who named the Titanic 'unsinkable'?

the titanic is thought to be unsinkable because of the high tecnology she had.. i don't think that this was fair to have stated "not even god could sink this ship" becuz that ain't true

Who nicknamed the Titanic unsinkable?

Actually, there was no one person who called the Titanic unsinkable: it was a combination of the owners and the ship-builder and the press who helped the ship's legend to grow. The White Star Line, the ship's owners, wanted to promote the ship's safety features and solid construction, unique for tha (MORE)

Why was the titanic believed to be unsinkable?

Two reasons- first because she had a double hull along her keel, and also because her lower decks were compartmentalised into a series of eight watertight bulkheads, each one of which could be sealed by automatic doors in the event of flooding. But the crucial flaws with these designs were that the (MORE)

If the titanic was unsinkable how did it hit an iceburg?

HItting an iceberg and being unsinkable are two entirelydifferent things. . Any ship of any design can hit an iceberg. That is only aboutnavigation, speed and seeing where you are going. . If you don't have radar, and travel at night, in waters wherethere are icebergs, then being unsinkable or not (MORE)

How did the titanic sink if it was unsinkable?

The builders of the Titanic never actually said that the Ship was 'unsinkable'. It was just people's interpretations of the articles written about it. Quite simply, any ship can sink really. There is no such thing as 'unsinkable' :) too many compartment's filled up with water, it was only able (MORE)

Was the titanic considered 'unsinkable?

The Titanic was considered to be a very safe ship due to the latest anti-sinking technology it was built with. The "unsinkable" label, however, was not given very much press until after the sinking, for ironic effect. No educated person believed that the ship was truly unsinkable--most were under (MORE)

Who thought the Titanic was unsinkable?

The people who built it never claimed it was, it was the press & they said it was "nearly" unsinkable....but people took it as unsinkable & the safest ship in the world

Why come the Titanic wasn't unsinkable?

The Titanic was made of cheap steel and very week rivets (screws) and the watertight chambers were reduced in size to make more room for 1st class passengers. So, when the boat hit the iceberg, the bad quality steel tore and water entered the watertight chambers, one by one, sinking the boat.

Is the titanic called the unsinkable titanic?

It was considered so. Because of the system of watertight compartments. It was also thought to be "unsinkable" because it was such a big ship. It was the biggest ship ever (biggest and best) and noone things the biggest (and/or best) will ever fail (sink) Today it is not know as the unsinkable (MORE)

Why was the titanic described unsinkable?

Because it was designed around several separate compartments and would have remained afloat even if one or two of them would have been water filled. Due to the nature of the accident however, more compartments than had been seen as possible became flooded, and the ship sank.

Who says the line in Titanic it is unsinkable?

Cal. As Mr. Andrews is giving them a tour he shows them the lifeboats and Rose asks about the number of them and they go on saying there are not enough and Cal comments "Waste of deck space as it is on an unsinkable ship!" However this claim was never made in real life. Somebody did comment that it (MORE)

Why did people believe Titanic was unsinkable?

Titanic was built with a steel hull, many watertight bulkheads, and huge pumps to deal with leaks. While the general public viewed such a ship as unsinkable, the builders and operators of the ship had no such foolish view. They knew that the ship had bulkheads that did not create fully sealed chambe (MORE)

Why was the Titanic called virtually unsinkable?

At the time it was advertised as unsinkable as is reasonable possible. It was advertise like this because if the safety features on the ship. Titanic had automatic/manual (they could close automatically or electronically from the wheelhouse) water tight doors. water tight bulkheads and compartments (MORE)

Why did she get called the unsinkable?

they called the Titanic the unsinkable ship because it was built with the very best materials with lots of hi tech safety features including a system of watertight compartments which was Supposed to stop the ship sinking but of course it hit the iceberg. .

Why was it said that the Titanic was unsinkable?

the English believed that titanic would be unsinkable because it had the watertight compartments. but the ice-burg they hit caused the first five to flood but titanic could only survive with the first 4 filled up.

Why was the Titanic considerded unsinkible?

The Titanic was considered "unsinkable" because of the engineers who constructed the ship proposed it to be to the highest quality and a modernized technological/engineering feat.

Why did the engineers believe the titanic was unsinkable?

The Titanic had a hull inside the hull, and was divided intomultiple compartments with water-tight doors between compartments.Concept was this would limit any flooding to that one compartment.As we know, it did not work out that way. At the time it was advertised as unsinkable as is reasonablepossi (MORE)

Why was the titanic claimed unsinkable?

White Star literature had been making many claims to that effectwhich were reprinted in "Shipbuilders Magazine"in 1911. And before sailing, A crewman said "God himself cannot sink thisship" to Sylvia Caldwell at Southampton.

Why did the Titanic sink when it was told that it is unsinkable?

First what somebody says about something does not effect what happens to it and second nobody said Titanic was unsinkable until after Titanic sank. The closest anybody came to saying it was unsinkable was in an advertisement for Titanic where it said Titanic is as unsinkable as is reasonable possibl (MORE)

Can an unsinkable Titanic ship be made?

you have to remember, only 1 titanic ever sank, all the others have been invented because of comedy or drama purposes, so it is likely that if another was created it wouldnt sink.

Was the titanic really an unsinkable ship?

It was called the Unsinkable Ship because it was designed to stay afloat with 4 watertight compartments breached, but 5 compartments were breached when the ship collided with the iceberg

Why were people saying that the titanic was unsinkable?

Older ships had a hull with vast open spaces. The Titanic's hullwas comprised of many smaller compartments - each with its ownwater-tight door. In theory, the ship should have withstood up tofour compartments being damaged. However - the damage caused bystriking the ice-berg was much worse. If the s (MORE)

Was Titanic realy unsinkable?

The Titanic was named The Unsinkable Ship because it was designedto stay afloat if a maximum of four watertight compartments werebreached. But when the ship hit the iceberg, five compartments werebreached

Why was Titanic not unsinkable?

She was thought to be unsinkable because of so many features but,in fact, she never stood a chance. We're talking about 46,000 tons of steel going about 25 mphsmashing against something that's harder than granite. We all knowthat the tip of the iceberg means there's much more below water butthis is (MORE)

Why did the newspapers write the Titanic was unsinkable?

They thought it would never sink since she was so big. How would they know if it would sink? For all we know, any boat could be unsinkable until it actually sinks. Originally in the shipping journal it was stated that the Titanic was virtually unsinkable, it was the media that dropped "virtually" f (MORE)

Why was the ship titanic claimed to be unsinkable?

The hull contained numerous water-tight compartments. If one or twowere breached, the other sealed compartments should have kept theship afloat, to allow it to limp back to port. It was the fact thatmany compartments were breached when it struck the iceberg - thatcaused its demise.

Why did people believe the the Titanic was unsinkable?

It was designed with a very extensive system of watertightcompartmentments that could contain the water from any reasonablehull breach. Most other ships of the time had no compartments andsimply flooded and sank when their hull was breached, if pumpscould not remove the water faster than it entered. (MORE)