Why was the black death terrifying?

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vert infectious and lead to death
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What was the Black Death?

Answer The Black Death was very dangerous and contagious and destroyed 2/3's of Europe's population and it killed people in a strange manner. People who weren't affected went

How do you get the black death?

There were different forms of the Black Death, and they were spread in different ways, though they were caused by the same organism. The Bubonic Plague was a form carried b

Why was the black death so terrifying?

Because many people were becoming very ill very quickly and in most cases it was un curable, few people knew about medical treatments and had no idea what had caused the plagu

How did you get the black death?

Black death is a bubonic plague disease that spread from victim to victim through fleas on rats, which lived throughout medieval towns and cities. The diseased person would qu

What is the black death about?

The Black Death was one of the worst natural disasters in history. In 1347 A.D., a great plague swept over Europe, ravaged cities causing widespread hysteria and death. One th

What not to do when you have black death?

Certainly don't panic or freak out. Of course, it is quite impossible to get the Black Death in our days. People do say try to live your life while you still can, so don't thi

How can you get black death?

well the black death is spread by rats and in the Middle Ages they didnt know this and they thought it was a punnishment from god but it was acctually spread by rats which ran
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Why was black death terrifying?

The black death is so terrifying because nearly everyone got it, There was a huge high chance you would get it. if you were poor you were more likely to get it and in them day
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What not to do if you have the black death?

Many people Think different. My suggestion is to stay indoors, not any one, don't let anyone come close to you. These are very hard things to do. But Black death is extinct no
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What is terrified?

"Terrified" is the past participle of the verb "to terrify". It can be used to make the perfect aspect - he has terrified many people in his life - or to modify nouns, like an