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Why were bonanza farms more competitive than small farms?

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They got special rates for rail shipping.
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What is farming?

Farming is the act of using land (involving soil and plants) to  grow crops (plants including corn, wheat, barley, carrots, lettuce,  etc.) and/or rear animals (farm animals

Modern farming methods require the farmer to start with more cash than before why?

Modern farming methods require the farmers to make use of hybrid-variety seeds, chemical fertilizers and pesticides for crops, farm machinery like tractors and threshers, and

Why are most Indian farms small?

Most Indian farmers are subsistence farmers who produce crops for their family. Farmers divide their property between their sons, which decreases the size of the farm.

Why did the north have more farms than the south?

the south had more farms because they had more slaves.the more slaves the bigger your farm gets and you dont pay your workers because you dont have to and you own them and the

Why did the large farms replace small farms in the 1700s?

New methods worked best on large farms, which could hire many workers and produce big harvests and more profits. This encouraged wealthy landowners to replace small farms with