Why won't Pokemon GO let me catch a Pokemon every time they get in the pokeball they break out and I get a perfect and they still break out?

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The CP of the Pokémon you are trying to catch may be too high. Try using a razz berry before you throw to increase the catch chance of your next successful throw, but be warned, your ball will automatically be a curveball, so aim far left. If you have access to great balls or ultra balls, using those will greatly increase your chance of success. If all else fails, just keep trying. Pokémon that are CP 100 or above often don't like staying inside a pokeball, and may take multiple attempts to successfully catch. Perseverance is key!
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With what pokeball do you catch Tyranitar with in Pokemon colloseum?

You can catch Tyranitar with any Pokeball. An Ultra Ball isrecommended and use Stantler use Hypnosis to make the Tyranitarfall asleep first and try to take down its HP till it is at leastnear red. This may take a couple of tries, but make sure to bringStantler and many Hyper Potions and Ultra Balls. (MORE)

What is the action replay code for every pokeball in Pokemon pearl?

94000130 FCFF0000 B2101D40 00000000 E00000B4 000000EC 00000001 195C0000 BD0200F4 5E6FC70E 8A9CBE06 C662B5F5 5D65DA77 431F462B 5753DA48 75C12F17 5DD7559F 718D4F19 828509CD FAF3D210 393D38A1 54459E6C D13BB69A A1B921F8 9D94E765 302ECCF3 B3193428 E8025E87 83DA (MORE)

How do you catch every Pokemon on Pokemon diamond with action replay?

There is no possible way. If you use the 100% Pokedex fill, it will say that you have them all, but you really don't. There is a code for 999 Master Balls (way more then enough!). It's:. 94000130 fcff0000 b21c4d28 0000000 b0000004 0000000 00000f4c 03e70001 d2000000 00000000 00000000 00000 (MORE)

Catch every Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond?

To catch every Pokemon, you need action replay for the few last diamond legendaries. You will need Pokemon fire red/leaf green and emerald. Migrate them to Pokemon diamond. In Pokemon diamond, fill up your pokedex by catching Pokemon normally or with poke radar, or use gts. It will take a long time (MORE)

How do you catch every Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

in order to catch every Pokemon in diamond you would have to fill up your pokedex and trade on GTS. or trade your Pokemon from diamond to pearl. or the other way around. there are Pokemon in diamond that you can only get from pearl.same thing the other way around.

How do you break a rock in Pokemon Silver?

After battling with Sudowoodo, travel right from where it was and talk to the fat man, he is only a few steps away. He will give you the TM Rock Smash which you can teach a Pokemon. As long as you have this Pokemon in your party you will be able to smash rocks.

How Catch every Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

If you mean on you Sinnoh Pokedex, then you can't. You'll need to trade in order to get another starter. If you mean on your National Pokede, then you can't. You'll need Pokemon Ruby, Emerald, and Sapphire (Game Boy games) to help and you'll have to attend several Mystery Gift events. Once you ha (MORE)

Why did he break up with me but will not let me go?

he broke up with you because he wants to be hard to get but he still really loves you talk to him see whats going on with him maybe you did something he didnt like but apologize and ask for another chance. hey, you never know! he might just take you back! :) Answer He doesn't want to be th (MORE)

Can you catch every Pokemon?

Yes, it's cetainly possible... Hard, but possible. However, you can't catch every Pokeman in one game. You would need to have multiple games, and bring each Pokemon into one game through trading and what not.

How do you catch every Pokemon in platinum?

Ummm.. you find them?!?!?!?!? I'm sorry but that is probably the most dumbest Pokemon question I've ever answered! You look for them and trade with other trainers. Or, if you're like the cheaters, us an ar.

How do you get brick break in Pokemon pearl?

You can get it in the oreburg gate or you can get get it at the battle tower BP shop, but there is another place but i am not too sure but you could go to the game corner shop thing.

How do you catch every single Pokemon for Pokemon emerald?

Unfortunately that's impossible now since in order to get ones such as Mew, Deoxys, Ho-Oh and Lugia - you'll either need to trade or cheat in order to get them - not to mention Celebi as well since their events are likely no more now due to the new generation of games so it's likely that if they eve (MORE)

How do you break walls in Pokemon dungeon?

2 things i wanna tell you no.1 gummis raise IQ for your Pokemon no.2 hm rocksmash, now for gummis make your Pokemon make its IQ learn supermobile which can break down walls.For rocksmash........well 2 ways to get it :one, wondermail[which is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo easy just search in the (MORE)

How do you help a pokeball catch a Pokemon?

You have to get a lot-lot-lot of Pokèballs and practice catching rarities in Kanto and Johto. Trying going to the Battle Frontier or the Safari Zone to catch some Pokèmon. Then when you've got the hang of it and gotten yourself bored then start doing it for real - don't use this on Legenderies (MORE)

What type of Pokeball do you use to catch Articuno in Pokemon Platinum?

A master ball will work except I don't recommend using it(you know why I think). Try a luxury ball or ultra ball maybe I caught dialga with a luxury ball when it was at about half hp! It might work for articuno. Hope this helps!. It does.The Articuno in my game has 1 hp and I`ve been trying Quick b (MORE)

Why won't break peddle go down when i try to break?

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How do let Pokemon GO free?

in PC there is a button that says realease press on that and it and it will say are you shor say yes if you want