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Why would an 86 Camaro suddenly lose the ability to maintain idle upon start up?

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I believe it has a carb and if it does, it is probably the auto choke. The choke can cause this but the vacume to the map sensor or the map sensor its self could cause it. try looking for any open vacuums spraying carb cleanes on the lines will make it idle up and locate the culprit if its a vacuum.

Actually, you need to know the engine size specifically and specifically if it is carb or not. If it is electronic fuel injection check for an open or short in the IAC or the IAC could be bad. IAC=idle air control valve. Another question, is the check engine light on? This is all need to know stuff in order to answer your question without guessing.
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Why would a 1995 Corvette LT-1 emit white smoke on start-up and idle rough?

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  Answer     it's getting to much fuel,running rich. the catoletic converter is what is causing the smell trying to clean up the emissions from the exhaust gases.

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Often the MAF sensor needs replacing, or possibly the coil packs, leads, spark plugs, K40 relay board (re-solder or replace), oil contaminated wiring, O2 sensor or crank angle