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Why would the tiles in your swimming pool be falling off?

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Pool Tiles Check your swimming pool balance. Your Calcium Hardness level may be low. Hope this helps.

You must have a cantilevered deck. This is often a cause of loose or broken tiles. I think your pool would have to be hopelessly out of balance for very long times to cause deterioration of the grout etc. But sometimes certain types of tile do come loose and have to be replaced.
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Can you use ceramic wall tile in a swimming pool?

Yes, you can use ordinary ceramic wall tiles (CWT) for swimming pool but it wont be as durable as the vitrified tiles (VFT). CWT were not as hard as the VFT and only inteded f

Will a salt water swimming pool damage a travertine tile deck?

Yes it will without specific penetrating non-glossy sealers. I am a pool coping and tile contractor. When the salt systems first became popular certain pool copings began dete

Can you use muriatic acid to clean swimming pool tile?

You can, but you run the risk of altering the pH of the pool water along with etching the cementuous material (other than the tile) that the acid might touch. The acid is co

The paint from my inground swimming pool is peeling off how do you fix it?

I have been in the pool industry for a long time, this is what you NEED to do to refinish your exisiting pool  Step 1 - Clean Pool of debri,  Step 2 - Pressure wash pool, r

Swimming pool tile scale removal is best done by?

The experts at Arizona Bead Blasting, the Valleys' #1 choice for pool tile cleaning, are now offering the newest media for pool tile cleaning: pool mineral blasting. Kieserite

Can you use granite tile in a swimming pool?

Yes, you can. It does look beautiful, but personally I don't think the cost justifies the beauty. It will require more upkeep to maintain it's look. If you are located in the

How do you clean chlorine residue off pool tile?

Answer   Are you sure it's chlorine? If so it should rinse off with water. If on the other hand you are talking about a white film or deposit at the water line it is most

How wide would one lane be in a swimming pool?

  Answer How wide are pool lanes   one of many lanes in a competition pool is about 10 feet wide. though I have been in one lane pools of 8 foot width that work just

Do you turn your pump off to the swimming pool if it is freezing outside?

Assuming you live in an area where pools are winterized and shut  down for winter, I would run filter for 45min - 1 hour per day. Be  carefulk not to over sanitize the pool

What would cause new grout in swimming pool to rub off easly?

Grout was not properly mixed. It most likely mixed with to much water.   Your water could be aggressive with a low pH attacking the grout and plaster. Test and adjust. If y