Why would the tiles in your swimming pool be falling off?

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Pool Tiles Check your swimming pool balance. Your Calcium Hardness level may be low. Hope this helps.

You must have a cantilevered deck. This is often a cause of loose or broken tiles. I think your pool would have to be hopelessly out of balance for very long times to cause deterioration of the grout etc. But sometimes certain types of tile do come loose and have to be replaced.
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What is pink precipitation on tiles in a swimming pool?

It is a type of algae and or mildew when buying algacide make sure there is mention of pink slime usually 50% or higher It is good to brush the pink slime off the tiles and

What would cause new grout in swimming pool to rub off easly?

Grout was not properly mixed. It most likely mixed with to much water.. Your water could be aggressive with a low pH attacking the grout and plaster. Test and adjust. If your

What is the best media to clean calcium off of swimming pool tile?

Glass bead is the best media when cleaning swimming pool tile. Glass beads are environmentally friendly and will not damage your swimming pool tile during the cleaning proces

Can you use granite tile in a swimming pool?

Yes, you can. It does look beautiful, but personally I don't think the cost justifies the beauty. It will require more upkeep to maintain it's look. If you are located in the

What type of tiles are mainly in swimming pool?

Pool ties are harder than bath and kitchen tiles since they have to be subjected to a more harsh environment IE: under water and chemicals. Check your phone book for a "pool t

Tiled swimming pool cracked after emptying?

Emptying a pool is a risky procedure, but must be done in the case of replastering or restoration. The weight of the water stabilizes the structure of the pool against the sub

Can you use muriatic acid to clean swimming pool tile?

You can, but you run the risk of altering the pH of the pool water along with etching the cementuous material (other than the tile) that the acid might touch. The acid is co

What is the cost to tile a swimming pool?

depending on what tile place you go through and how many square meter of section you would like to tile the cost can range from $45-60.00 for the more budget otherwise i recom

Can you use ceramic wall tile in a swimming pool?

Yes, you can use ordinary ceramic wall tiles (CWT) for swimming pool but it wont be as durable as the vitrified tiles (VFT). CWT were not as hard as the VFT and only inteded f