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Why would you get blisters on the roof of your mouth?

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The question is "how". I've gotten lumps in the back of my throat before and the doctors called it "cobblestoneing" it comes from irritation and some people are just more prone than others.
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Blisters in mouth?

to much stress and i will find out more. don't worry. the blisters go Thu a course. they usually last about 2 weeks. they r hereditary. they burn and ur mouth is sore. u get t

How do you prevent blisters on the roof of your mouth?

Avoid food or beverages that are too hot.   If blisters on the roof of the mouth are appearing, a cause should be determined. Enjoin with a medical professional to get to t

Blisters on the side of the mouth in the middle of the mouth?

  If they on the outside of your mouth (ie. around your lip) they might be cold sores (oral herpes). If they are inside your mouth and hurt they might be canker sores and

Blisters on gums and roof of mouth?

This is normally referred to as Mouth Ulcers. The causes can range from simple ginigivitis to mouth cancer (don't get scared, that's a slim chance). Other causes could be a ca