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Wie heisst das grosse Radrennen durch Frankreich?

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Wie heißt das große Radrennen durch Frankreich? translates as what is the big cycle race trough France called?

Das große Radrennen durch Frankreich heißt Tour de France.
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Vorsprung Durch meaning?

  Vorsprung Durch Technik   Meaning   This German phrase is usually translated into English as 'progress through technology'. A literal translation would be 'advan

What is grossing?

A layman's take: A simple way to think of it is that "gross" income is the total amount of money a product takes in, period. It doesn't take into account any related costs o

What does wie mean?

Windows Internet Explorer   OR "how" in German :)

What is dA?

DA is used as an abbreviation for many groups of words. Some  include district attorney, department of agriculture, and data  analysis.

Was heisst Nastrovje?

'Prost' or cheers, it literally means 'to health' and is usually said when you give someone food.

Wie schreibt man das?

"Wie schreibt man das?" means "How do you spell that?".
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What is part of the DURCH tests?

The Demand Test is NOT part of the DURCH test. WHOEVER WROTE THAT ANSWER IS A GIANT LIAR! REAL ANSWER: The Compliance Test is NOT part of the DURCH test. I know that this is c