Wie lautet der Name der afrikanischen Rasse der kleinen Leute?

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Wie lautet der Name der afrikanischen Rasse der kleinen Leute = Pygmäen

What is the name of the African race of small people = pygmies
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What is DER license?

According to the FAA webiste "A DER is an individual, appointed in accordance with 14 CFR § 183.29 , who holds an engineering degree or equivalent, possesses technical knowledge and experience, and meets the qualification requirements of Order 8100.8 "

Last name of Miles van der?

Your question does not contain enough information to be answered. What do you want to know about that last name? Please use a complete sentence.

What is Der Fuehrer?

" Der Führe " is the word for a male " leader " in German. " Die Führerin " is the word for a female " leader " in German

What was the der fuhrer?

Der means "The" So "What was Der Fuhrer" is a better question. Der Fuhrer is Adolf Hitler, his Rank as highest possible in the German military.

What is der Fiiher?

I think you mean the word Führer. It means leader and was the name given to Adolf Hitler.

Who or what was Der Fuhrer?

Der Fuhrer, in it's literal sense, means "the leader". However, during his reign, Adolf Hitler described himself as the Fuhrer, which was simply his title for dictator of Nazi Germany.

What is der riese?

Der Riese is a Nazi Zombie map on Call of Duty: World at War (Map Pack 3) Some people say that Der Riese is a real place, like Area 51, but No one has found it yet... as far as I know. I think it's real. Der Riese means, "The Giant" in German.

Wie heisst der nickname von Indiana?

Der nickname von Indiana in der USA ist "Hoosiers". Indiana is the Hoosier state. There is no story behind why we are called Hoosiers, the only story that does exist is very hard to explain. If you have a question, feel free to email me at dfort123 @ gmail.com

What is der reise?

Der Reise means "The Giant" in German. Although most of you know it by the Nazi Zombie Map Pack 3 where its the zombie factory and bla bla bla...But Der Reise WAS indeed an actual factory that Hitler founded in 1942. It was a factory to make an ape human hybrid and train them to be super soldiers.He (MORE)

What is herro der?

hai (interjection) synonyms: hello, hi, sup 'hai' in Chinese also means: crab ocean shoe antonyms: bai, goodbye, seeya 'bai' in Chinese also means: to put white 1.7 billion people can't be wrong.

Wie lang dauerte der 30 jährige krieg?

Wie der Name schon sagt, dauerte der 30-jährige Krieg 30 Jahre, von 1618 zu 1848. How long did the 30 Years War last? As the name says, 30 years, from 1618 to 1648.

How do you get der reise?

You must download map pack 3 on the ps3 or Xbox 360 for 800 Microsoft points or however many psn points are in $10. On the PC you must download the update for it and it is not possible to play Nazi zombies for world at war on the ds or wii.

How do you get out of der riese?

you need to openm pack-a-punch, have juggernaut, 2 people,get crawler and jump into pack a punch -if u needhelp add izi8squiggles to friends for xbox live

Wie starb der römische Kaiser Nero?

Der römische Kaiser Nero begging Selbstmord mit einem Dolchstoß in die Kehle. How did the Roman emperor Nero die? The Roman emperor Nero committed suicide by stabbing himself in the throat with a dagger.

Meaning of the name van der voren?

"Van der" meens "from the" in "old" Dutch. Which would make one think that "Voren" is a place. Currently there is no village or place in holland that is called "voren" This could meen that the village died or changed its name. (a candidate could be Vorden) "Voren" is a form of the word "voo (MORE)

Who is der Nazi?

The Nazis were the Germans who were members of the National Socialist German Workers' Party.

Joran van der sloot brothers name?

He has 2 brothers. Valentjin Van der Sloot is 2 years younger than Joran and attends Emerson College in Boston with an undergraduate in Media Productions: film. He is scheduled to graduate in 2010. Less is known of Sebastian Van der Sloot, Joran's youngest brother.

Wie groß ist das Gebiet der BRD im Vergleich zum Gebiet der Türkei?

Wie groß ist das Gebiet der BRD im Vergleich zum Gebiet der Türkei? translates as How big is the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany compared to the territory of Turkey? Germany covers a total of 137,847 sq. mi. Turkey covers a total of 302,535 sq. mi. Turkey is almost 2.2 ti (MORE)

Wie ist der Name Exmoor entstanden?

Exmoor ist der Name eines Moors im Südwesten Englands. Es umfaßt Teile der Grafschaften von Somerset und Devon. Der Name Exmoor bedeutet das Moor, dem der Fluss Exe entspringt. Exe kommt vom Lateinischen Isca (Fluss) und moor kommt vom alt-Englischen mōr (Feuchtgebiet). (MORE)

Wie viele zahne hat der tiger?

Wie viele Zähne hat der Tiger? translates as How many teeth does a tiger have? A tiger has 30 teeth Ein Tiger hat 30 Zähne.

How do you get der riese?

either buy it with Microsoft points or buy another map pack and find the power and locate the teleporter until finally you have der reise unlocked.

How do you get der rise?

You need 1200 Microsoft points or PlayStation 3 cash. Then go on to your dashboard, Then just download it from the COD 5 section, or if you want the Blackops der riese then you have to get a certain package which im not sure of.

What actors and actresses appeared in Der Name der Rose - 1986?

The cast of Der Name der Rose - 1986 includes: Franco Adducci as Monk Urs Althaus as Venantius Elya Baskin as Severinus Carlo Bianchino as Papal Guard Andrew Birkin as Cuthbert of Winchester Lucien Bodard as Cardinal Bertrand Eugenio Bonardi as Inquisition Guard Alberto Capone as Executioner Aristid (MORE)