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Wieso haben bäume im sommer obst?

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so können Sie billige Obst und ein paar gute Schatten
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What is a sommers island 12 penc shilling worth?

Depends on the condition, but I've seen the starting price go from $40,000usd for one that you can barely tell the details on, to one that was in halfway decent shape for $100

What is org ims?

Operation Research Group - Intercontinental Medical Statistics

What is ime vertical?

Information, Media and entertainment

What does 'haben Sie einen grossen Tag' mean?

This sentence is badly constructed, it seems that it is a word for word translation of "Have a great day" The correct wording would be "Ich wünsche Ihnen einen schönen T

Im a crossdresser?

Awsome that rocks me to well if you ever need help send me a messeage Answer:   Congratulations. You are one of thousands maybe even millions. I recommend finding a goo

What is an IM address?

That would be an Instant Messaging address. In other words, the address all of the IMs (instant messages) go to.

When Im good Im bad when Im bad Im better?

Actually, the phrase is "When I'm good, I'm very good; and when I'm bad, I'm better". It was attributed to Mae West, from "I'm No Angel".

How do you speak IM?

well you just really take the first letter of the word and put together like for example LOL= Laugh Out LoudWTH= What The HellBFF= Best Friends ForeverNFW= No Freaking Way
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What part did Suzanne sommers play in bullitt?

Watching the movie many times...the only part that Suzanne looks like she had was a 3 second screen shot in the hospital. I believe she played the part of the wife of the youn
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Joanie Sommers were those kazoos in the song Johnny Get Angry?

Yes, but the kazoo performer(s) have not been identified anywhere. The citation of the kazoos can be found in the liner notes to the CD from Time-Life's Rock 'N' Roll Era Coll