Will Emma Roberts be bound and gagged in Nancy drew sequel?

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She should be if she plays the role.

What did Nancy Drew have in her bag?

Answer The items Nancy had in her bag were as follows:1.) Food tin (used for storing those oh so delicious goodies the villians found hard to resist!)2.) iPod voice recorder3.) Digital camera4.) Finger print powder5.) Finger print duster6.) Notebook7.) Magnifying glass8.) Clip/repelling rope/sliding clip for descending

Who is Emma Roberts?

Answer . Emma Rose Roberts (born February 10, 1991) is an American actress, the daughter of actor Eric Roberts and the niece of actresses Lisa Roberts Gillan and Julia Roberts. Roberts made her acting debut at the age of nine in the film Blow and is known for her role as the lead character in the Nickelodeon television series Unfabulous, as well as for her roles in the films Aquamarine and Nancy Drew. Roberts is also a pop singer; her debut album, Unfabulous and More: Emma Roberts, was released in 2005.

How old is Nancy Drew?

Her age changes through the course of the series. First she is 16. Now she is 18. She went to college in the Nancy Drew on Campus series. In the Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew books for little kids, I believe she was 8. The Nancy Drew series is celebrating its 80th birthday!

What is Nancy Drew?

she is a teen detective that solves mysteries!. Nancy Drew is the main character of the Nancy Drew mystery stories, Nancy Drew on Campus books, and Nancy Drew Files books.

Nancy drew games?

Yes its a fun game! so why are you reading this? GO PLAY ONE!. okey?

Do you like Nancy Drew?

Yes, because their games and books are pretty fun but in my opinion there are other, better games and books, too.

Where to buy Nancy Drew clothes?

Answer You can get a coat and t-shirt like Nancy Drew's at Topshop in England or online at Google.com, just type in Topshop. I think shipping and handling is about 20.00.The coat is 55.00, and the t-shirt is 12.00 or 15.00, depends on which one you get, the one that's like Nancy Drew's is on sale. As soon as I figured out this website I rushed to go tell my dad. And he said he would get me it for my next birthday. I am so excited because I am going to get it. Answer The above answer must refer to wardrobe from the 2007 movie. For years there was a company called the Gumshoe Girls that old Nancy Drew-themed clothing, jewelry, and accessories. Sadly, it recently went out of business due to lack of customer demand. NancyDrewSleuth.com has an online store as well as links to other Nancy Drew merchandise (including clothing). See the link below.

Have you ever been bound and gagged?

Yes, I have. Once for my fourteenth birthday my friend pulled a really cool prank and had me kidnapped! I was cleave-gagged with my hands tied behind my back and my ankles tied together. The dude who did it was seriously hot and he kissed me more than once. Eventually, i escaped and he became my boyfriend! Still is, too! Ha!

Is Nancy Drew alwaya played by Emma Roberts?

Emma Roberts only played Nancy in the 2007 movie, although she has been signed up for the proposed sequel Nancy Drew 2. Nancy was played by Pamela Sue Martin in the 1970's TV serial and by Bonita Granville in the 1930's films.

Who created Nancy Drew?

The printed author of the Nancy Drew books is Carolyn Keene. However, this is just a pseudonym (a fake name of an author). In fact, the Nancy Drew books were written by various authors. Edward Stratemeyer actually created the characters (using the pseudonym so as not to embarass his family if the books bomed). Since his death, the series and team of authors was carried on by his daughter. For more information about exactly who wrote what book, please visit http://www.series-books.com/nancydrew/nancydrew.html . By the way, the same goes for the Hardy Boys books which were also created by Edward Stratemeyer under the pseudonym Franklin W. Dixon.

What does bound gagged and tied up mean?

\n'Bound' means unable to move\n. \n'Gagged' means unable to speak because a person's mouth has been covered with a cloth or something of that nature.\n. \n'Tied up' means a rope, wire or other material is constricting someone.\n. \nBasically the whole sentence means someone who is unable to speak or move because he/she is tied up and unable to speak because something has been placed in his/her mouth

Why do girls like to be bound and gagged?

Girls like to be bound and gagged for a few reasons. 1. It's fun. It's most likely never gonna happen for real so they play at being kidnapped. 2. If it is for real, it's exiting. Something might happen and you'll be totally helpless to prevent it! I mean, if some one's got you tied up and gagged, there's usually a reason. Maybe this person wants to have a little fun with you. 3. Sometimes its not the sensation of being gagged, it's looks. Who wouldn't love to be gagged by somebody hot?

Who is Nancy Drew and what does she do?

Nancy Drew is a young detective who has solved over 50 mysteries during the 1930's all the way up into the 1950's that I know of She also has her own PC games that you can play and as Nancy, try to uncover mysteries. I play them, and give them 2 thumbs up!

What women like being bound and gagged?

I am a what you might call the standard type housewife. I work part time when my husband is at work. The thing that makes me a little different and that none of our friends know is that i like to be totally dominated by husband to the point of extreme bondage and gags etc. I will let him do virtually anything to me and this mostly involves being bound in certain ways.. I dress normally, have no tattoo's or body piercings and have long blonde highlighted hair.. I am not quite sure why i like it but suffice to say that it is not all totally sexual as sometimes i like to be bound and gagged and just left for hours on end and then released with out any sexual play at all.

What is Nancy drew about?

Nancy Drew is a teen detective who solves mysteries. You can read about her, or you can play the games for the PC, Wii, and iPad. My favorites are for the PC, but that's just me. Nancy Drew is a lot of fun.

Where is Nancy Drew from?

Nancy Drew (fictitious character) is from River Heights, a fictitious suburb of Chicago. The Muskoka River runs through it.

How many times has Nancy Drew been gagged?

Nancy Drew has been bound and gagged in dozens of books usually after she has been knocked unconscious.. An example is in Ringmasters Secret when Nancy has a cloth held over her nose and mouth and unable to breath, Nancy faints.. When she wakes up Nancy has been tied and gagged and dumped in a railway wagon

Will Emma Roberts be bound and gagged as Nancy drew in upcoming sequel?

If the sequel is true to the books, Nancy ( Emma Roberts)be knocked out at least twice once by a blow on the head and later chloroformed into unconsciousness and Emma will be bound and gagged while she is unconscious. Personally, I would love to see Emma faint after another girl hits her with a karate chop or sleeper hold as in the book Sisters in Crime and while Emma is unconscious she is tied and gagged and completely helpless

What is the scariest Nancy Drew game?

The top 10 scariest Nancy Drew PC games are: 10: Secrets Can Kill---The eerie vibe it gives off sometimes iscreepy. 9:The Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon---Camille's ghostly dancingoutside the train is pure scary! 8: Warnings at Waverly Academy---Those black cat notes send shiversdown my spine! 7:Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake---Enough said. 6:The Creature of Kapu Cave--- In the volcano you have to jump over500 tons of boiling magma! 5:The Haunting of Castle Malloy--- Those crazily scary cries ofhorror are sooo eerie it makes me want to hide under my covers. 4:The Legend of the Crystal Skull---You're in this dead guy'scentury old cemetery in the dead of night and it's THUNDERING! 3:Curse of Blackmoor Manor---Dark, secret passages every corner,red eyes gleaming in the cold darkness, woman behind a curtainclaiming to have a horrible curse cast on her...who wouldn't thinkit's creepy? 2:Message in a Haunted Mansion---When I was little I couldn't playthis game alone, somebody had to be in the room with me. 1: Shadow at the Water's Edge - the woman in the mirror made mescream.

What is the worst Nancy drew game?

I am a true Nancy Drew fan but admitidly some games weren't as good as expected. For example, Secrets Can Kill- Amazing storyline but characters and controls, not so good. (and yes I understand it was their first game.) The Haunted Carousel- I can see why people would like this game, but in my opinion it just flopped. In my opinion, a "haunted carousel" is just silly. And also, I shouldn't judge this game, but I watched the beginning of The Phantom of Venice video walkthrough and it sounded very boring. But looking at the game again, I think it is actually pretty awesome. My mind is changed. So yes, there really aren't any truly bad Nancy Drews but its basically just my opinion. Thanx for reading! :D

Who played Nancy Drew?

In the movie that recently came out [2008?], Nancy Drew was played by Emma Roberts. But, if you're referring to the 70's show, Nancy Drew was played by Pamela Sue Martin.

Who likes to be bound and gagged?

Me. I speak from experience. Once this guy really liked me so he had some of his friends come in and kidnap me! It was awesome. Especially once I realized what he was doing. First, they tied my hands behind my back and cleave-gagged me. My ankles were tied together and my knees. The friends brought me into this cellar and he came out. He picked me up and sat me in this chair. He brought over one for himself and said, "I'm just about to kiss you and your gonna like it." He kissed me through the gag and kept me as a prisoner for almost three months. Every so often he would change the ropes and gag and he had a new bondage style every time. One time he had a small party and showed me off to his friends (still bound and gagged) and they all thought I was hot. He changed my gag back to cleave and they payed him to kiss me. That night there were loads of bondage games, all involving who could tie me up the best or get the best kiss out of a good gag. I loved it. Then the next day he took me to this place where you could buy a girl and the owner wanted me. He didn't get his wish. Then my captor took me back to his house and we kissed through the cloth for like ever. After that was the worst experience of my life. Guess what happened? I woke up!

Who are the tophams for Nancy drew?

Richard Topham is from the Nancy Drew PC game The Secret of the Old Clock. He is a psychic who inherited from Josiah Crowley. I don't know about any other appearances, but I hope this helped!

What is an example of a title of Nancy Drew?

One example of the title of an original Nancy Drew book is The Secret Of The Old Clock. The title of one of the new Nancy Drew books is Without A Trace. Both of these books were written by different people, both using the pen name Carolyn Keene.

Who writes the Nancy Drew mysteries?

The Nancy Drew mystery book series is written by a number of ghost writers who all go by the same pen name, Carolyn Keene. Edward Stratemeyer created the character, but hired Mildred Wirt Benson.

Who is the athour of Nancy drew the book?

The pen name of the author of the Nancy Drew mystery stories is Carolyn Keene. However, the original Nancy Drew mystery stories were not written by on person but by several women. However, since the original books were written, other, newer Nancy Drew book series have been written using the pen name of Carolyn Keene.

What is Nancy drew datte of birth?

Nancy Drew, the female detective is a fictional character. It may come as a surprise there were several authors hitting the typewriters as Carolyn Keane ( a good name for a detective!) Rather like television programs, there was a virtual corps of script writers who churned out these juvenile novels for the so-called Stratemeyer Syndicate. one notices an absence of any ( about the author) pages. regular fans of say, Tom Swift and the Hardy Boys would notice certain inconsistencies in characters and plots- and as mentioned no mention of background of the author. right away I suspected plural authorship. By the Franklin W. Dixon ( Hardy Boys (Author) was in reality a war-time governor of the state of Alabama and not a crime fiction author! as Nancy is a fictional character who never ages in the stories ( a basic connundrum of most serial fiction) she has no birth date, which would pose plot complicaitons. look at sitcoims, do you ever see a calendar?

What is the longest Nancy Drew game?

They are all about the same length, except for Secrets Can Kill (both original and remastered). Trail of the Twister is pretty easy, Secret of the Old clock can take a long time, and Shadow at the Water's Edge is the scariest. It all depends on how well you complete it and if the puzzles are easy. The longest one for me was Blackmoor Manor because I was sometimes too scared to come to the computer and there is one large puzzle in it that takes FOREVER.

What are Nancy Drews physical traits?

In the book series, she has light blond hair, but in the video games, she has red hair. An example of the blond hair is at the beginning of Secret of the Old Clock. The red hair reference is when Izzy shouts, "No, wonder you're in a hurry, your hair's on fire...red hair looks really good on some people." In Warnings at Waverly Academy. She has light skin, in most pictures of her and she wears mostly old fashioned clothes as referred to in MANY of the games. Yumi says something about her style in Shadow at the Water's Edge and you see her clothes in Phantom of Venice and Captive Curse. Hope this helped!

Does Nancy drew have an assistant?

In a way, not literary Nancy can have Bess, George, or Ned and other temporary people in different games help her , in the books no, in the TV shows no.

How did the moviestar in Nancy drew die?

!! Spoiler!!! The movie star was found dead in a pool , killed by her manger With the middle intial Z. I can't remember what his name was but he worked with mister Drew!

Will there be a sequel to the 2007 Nancy Drew movie?

I hope so! I did research on it because i am a Nancy Drew fan and they said there would be an Untitled Nancy Drew movie coming in 2011! I don't know if it's true, though. Emma Roberts will also star in a Warner Bros. movie called "Rodeo Girl" with the director from Nancy Drew, Andrew Fleming, the same year the unknown sequel to Nancy Drew is supposed to come out.

Is there a person named Nancy Drew?

Yes, my grandma. She isn't the "Nancy Drew" Nancy Drew, she was born before the books were made. Really, that is her name and my last name.

Does Nancy Drew ever die?

Yes, in "The end of Life" the last series Her Interactive Inc. will be coming out with. They will release this in 2012. Coincidence? I think not.