Will Ethan become a vampire in the season finalie in your babysitter is a vampire?

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Yes Eventually I hope he would look hot as a vampire or fledgling
Wrote By: jessabell14

I hope so it would make it even more likely for Sarah and Ethan to become bf/gf (which i would like) and also being a seer and a vampire will make my favorite character in that show (Ethan) even more likeable..
but unfortunately it doesn't seem so.... its more likely that Sarah is going to suck the vampire venom (w/e its called) out of his veins so he can be a normal human...but also turning Sarah into a vampire....

But if Ethan becomes a fledgling (which i want) i would love this show even more..
but unfortunately it seems like it won't happen...

but in the commercial Benny asks what is Sarah doing... and Erika answers "saving his life" So idk... they really put it to where we won't know the answer until the season finale... my sister and i had a fierce discussion about it..and she thinks that he won't become a vampire...but i hope/think he will... basically just wait till the season finale airs on Disney Channel.. (which i think is next Friday)
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